Boeing crashed again

According to Borna; Air Canada recently had an unscheduled landing in Tucson, Arizona due to problems with one of its 737 Max aircraft engines. According to the company, only three crew members were on board.

The plane was supposed to fly from Arizona to Montreal, Canada, but after taking off from the airport, the crew had an engine problem and received a signal for the engine. After that, they decide to shut down an engine. Air Canada continued:

“After that, the plane was directed to Tucson and landed there normally and stayed. “Modern aircraft are designed to run on the same engine, and our crews are trained in such conditions and operations.”

The Boeing 737 Max was grounded for 18 months and could not fly due to two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019 that killed 346 people. The airlines started using it again in early December this year, less than a month ago. The aircraft was first used by Brazil.

The cause of the two fatal crashes was a defect in the aircraft’s autopilot software, and the nose suddenly turned downward, with no engine involved. Since then, Boeing has made many changes to various parts of the aircraft, including its flight control software. Boeing resumed production of the aircraft model several months ago.

According to the Air Canada crew, the low hydraulic pressure of the left engine and the fuel imbalance on the left caused such a problem. Although passengers still do not fully trust the aircraft, companies are rushing to re-fly it.