Boss: The issue of backpacking needs to be addressed

“We hope that the symbol of the city of Paveh as a symbol of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and resistance will continue to be raised and will be a lesson for all men and women in our country,” said the head of the judiciary. And a Paveh who, with a population of 60,000, has sacrificed more than 600 martyrs to the revolution, should be proud of serving the people.

Ayatollah Ra’isi pointed out: In 1958, when Imam Khomeini (ra) ordered Paveh, the people put up a fierce resistance and with the presence of Martyr Chamran and the heroism of the Kurdish Peshmerga, thwarted the enemy’s plans.

In another part of his speech, referring to the non-implementation of the Law on Services to Veterans in the country, the head of the Judiciary said: The law passed under the title of Services to Veterans in the Islamic Consultative Assembly should be implemented because its implementation Facilitates.

Ayatollah Ra’isi also mentioned the issue of organizing “Kolehbari” as one of his serious concerns during his visit to Kermanshah and said: “Yesterday, in a joint meeting with the governor, military and law enforcement commanders and justice officials, we appointed a working group of high-ranking provincial officials.” To be set by a standard person and to carry out a quick and mobilizing work from a position of pain and to solve the concerns of the people with economic and social views and to set up a border bazaar.

The head of the judiciary added: “The plan of this working group must be presented within a month at the latest, so that our friends can do the parts that can be done in the province, and we can do the parts that need to be done in the center.”

Ayatollah Ra’isi also said about the problems of allocating water rights from the dam to the people of Paveh: “It is necessary for the governor to provide us with a copy of the correspondence with the Ministry of Energy regarding the allocation of water rights from the dam to the people of Paveh.” I call on the Ministry of Energy to immediately address the issue of allocating a certain amount of water rights from the dam to the people of Paveh and resolve this issue. When provincial officials and experts say that this means “allocating water from the dam to the people of Paveh”, it is “possible”, meaning that it can be done in practice. The Ministry of Energy should assign this issue as soon as possible.

The head of the judiciary, stating that the soil of Paveh is reminiscent of scenes of despair and repulsion of the enemy by relying on God and self-confidence, said: “The strategy of resistance in our country will work and will work now that the enemy with threats and sanctions He wants to besiege and put pressure on our nation, the only way out of this situation is to neutralize the threats and sanctions.

Ayatollah Ra’isi also said: “Our strategy is not to fall short and surrender to the enemy, and the only way forward is to push back the enemy and neutralize his threats.”

Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi, on the sidelines of his trip to Paveh, said among a number of nurses and medical staff in the city: “The stronghold of nurses and medical staff is the stronghold of struggle, service and resistance against the infamous Corona virus and maintaining social security and health.”

The head of the judiciary praised the work of the country’s medical and nursing staff, saying: “We are both grateful for the work of the medical and nursing staff and we sincerely thank them for their efforts and we are confident that the reward for the work of nurses and medical staff is with God.” He is the Almighty and Hazrat Siddique Tahereh (PBUH).

Addressing the nurses, Ayatollah Ra’isi said: “Whoever regains his health in your hands and God Almighty puts his healing in your hands, is both a blessing for you and that we appreciate your efforts more than ever.”

The head of the judiciary also referred to the decrease in the number of coronary heart disease and related deaths in the country and said: “Unfortunately, sometimes when the number decreases, some people think that it is not necessary to pay attention to health instructions; People should see the efforts of the medical and nursing staff and their distance from their families.

In the end, Ayatollah Ra’isi expressed his hope that now that the statistics are declining, people will follow the health guidelines to deal with the corona more than before.

Following his visit to Kermanshah province, the head of the judiciary traveled to Paveh this morning and attended the memorial service for the martyrs of this city, and talked with the families of the martyrs, Sunni scholars and the people.

Upon Ayatollah Reisi’s arrival in Paveh, the head of the judiciary was welcomed by Mamosta Mullah Qader Qaderi.