Broken wings in the days when we fought the Corona

According to Borna; Every year on Nurses’ Day, the needs of this group are reviewed, unaware that this job requires effective attention and attention from decision makers due to its many sensitivities, and the Corona pandemic made the position of nurses more prominent.

The outbreak of coronation has shown us that the treatment team continues to work tirelessly despite numerous problems. While the law on service tariffs, the law on productivity promotion and the shortage of nurses are proposed for this group, but despite the passage of the law, no change has been made in the situation of the whites of the society.

The hard work of nurses requires the attention of officials

The Productivity Promotion Law was passed by Parliament in 1986. This law has many advantages, including reducing the working hours of nurses, but these days nurses face heavy and long work shifts. In the days of Corona, the wearing of masks and gowns has doubled the fatigue of the country’s medical sector.

Nader Kazemi, a nurse, told Borna that the difficulty of the work approved by the parliament for the field of nursing is not very practical: Nurses’ retirement should be 20 years, ie a factor of one and a half per year of work experience.

He added: By law, a nurse with 20 years of work experience must retire. However, this category is not observed and the nurse with 20 years of experience retires based on 20 working days. This category is not very suitable for nursing retirees and they have to serve for 30 years.

The nurse emphasized: The number of nurses compared to patient beds in Iran is small compared to European countries. In our country, instead of providing services to two patients, the nurse has to provide services to 6 patients at a time. In some shifts, the number of patients increases.

How is the shortage of nurses compensated?

Lack of nurses is one of the main concerns of the treatment department. In Iran, one and a half nurses provide services for every thousand people. In Japan, meanwhile, there are nine nurses per 1,000 people.

Mohammad Sharifi Moghaddam, the head of the country’s nursing home, told Borna that 50,000 graduates are unemployed in the society at the moment: To provide a service floor to the people, we need 100,000 employees and 50,000 nursing graduates. There is no news about the employment of the Ministry of Health. In this situation, the result is an increase in deaths.

He added: Nurses migrate in these conditions against their will. Many Iranian nurses migrate to other countries, their social status and knowledge are used and their income is multiplied.

Corona and the emergence of nursing job sensitivities

Fatemeh Moheb Ahari, a nurse at Modares Hospital, told Borna about the situation of paying nurses’ arrears: Nursing is a difficult job. In the days of Corona, the sensitivity of this job became more apparent.

The nurse added: Nurses are doubly stressed during Corona. For example, it is stressful for their family not to get involved.

He said about the main concern of nurses: Welfare is one of the concerns. Our work stress has increased compared to before Corona.

Implement the silent rules of nurses / pay attention to the situation of nurses after the budgeting season

Seyed Jalil Mir Mohammadi Meybodi, a member of the parliamentary health commission, told Borna about the latest situation of nursing in the country.: There are many laws in the country, but they are not enforced. After the budget chapter, a question should be asked to review and implement the laws related to the status of nurses.

He added: Attention to the category of nurses requires the allocation of funds by the Program and Budget Organization. A significant part of this is due to credits.

The MP continued: It is hoped that with the parliament’s follow-up, the PBO will be persuaded to enforce the laws so that nurses can take advantage of this.

Mir Mohammadi said: The nurses are still protesting against the remaining claims and the payment method to the corporate nurses and the 89-day contract, but the payment has not been made yet.

He said that the best news is the implementation of the laws left by the nurses, adding: The parliamentary health commission should be able to prioritize this issue in order to implement some of the adopted laws.

Corona and the obligation to provide services to nurses

In the days of Corona, you can seize the opportunity to prevent any failure in the treatment department. Currently, the position of this job is of special importance and the problems of this group should be solved more and more in order to improve the service to the people.

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