Budget 1400 unconstitutional

The biggest objection to Budget 1400 Enter, this is the numbers Budget bill Which is related to forecasting revenues and estimating expenses, with the economic governance documents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Constitution does not match.

Articles 44, 45 and 53 of the Constitution are severely violated in these figures. Article 53 of the Constitution states that all government receipts should be concentrated in the General Treasury, and that all payments should be reflected in the budget and paid from the treasury in accordance with the law.

The government has huge revenues to forecast as government receipts Revenues It is not mentioned and it has payments, especially in the field of oil and gas, which are not made from the treasury and from the resources at their disposal are paid with astronomical salaries, and this is a violation of Article 53 of the Constitution.

Article 45 of the constitution states that the government must have a revenue heading called Anfal. In the 8 budgets that the government has given to the parliament, it has not had any revenue heading at all under the title of Anfal, so the violation of Article 45 of the constitution is very visible in the 1400 budget and the budget of previous years.

Article 44 of the Constitution states that state-owned companies must, if profitable, deposit their profits in the general revenue of the treasury, and must pay taxes because they are profitable; In the first lines of the 1400 budget bill, under paragraph 1 of note A of the 1400 budget law, Article 44 has been violated.

When the government does not deposit certain revenues into the treasury, it is natural that there is a budget deficit; When he has not saved and his payments are not made according to the treasury and the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, that is, he is still paying astronomical salaries, so we see that the documents of the ruler, which are in accordance with the constitution, are severely violated in the 1400 budget.

According to Article 113 of the Constitution, the President is responsible for the implementation of the Constitution and according to Article 126 of the Constitution, he is directly responsible for the budget. In these two principles, the word responsible is specifically used and the president is recognized as responsible, but the president did not observe the constitution in the budget as described, that is, the person who is responsible for implementing the constitution, something in which there is direct and full responsibility. He has violated it, and unfortunately, this is the criticism that he receives every year, but neither the Legal Department of the President nor the Program and Budget Organization respond to these problems and objections to budgeting because they do not have an answer.

The most important issue in the 1400 budget is oil; With the figure closed in the budget of 1400, we must export 2 million and 300 thousand barrels of oil per day. This is an ambitious and unattainable idea because the Americans are still beating the drum of oppressive sanctions and companies abroad that buy oil from us, such as India, China and Russia, have been severely punished and fined. During the years we negotiated and agreed, the Americans imposed the toughest oil sanctions on us.

For seven and a half years, the government tried to persuade Americans not to do so; He negotiated, agreed, and even unilaterally fulfilled all his commitments, while the Americans did not fulfill even one of their commitments, adding to the volume of sanctions and adding threats and assassinations.

How can a government that failed to persuade the United States in the past seven and a half years not to treat the Iranian people this harshly and give the greatest concessions to the enemy, now wants to convince the United States in the next seven months?

Unfortunately, the government is still beating the drums of negotiation and agreement, but there is no listening ear in the White House and Europe to fulfill its obligations; The Europeans are worse than the Americans, and the Americans are worse than the Europeans. With these conditions, how can the government consider such a figure for the sale of oil in next year’s budget and expect an agreement to be reached in the next 7 months ?!

The government has been under the illusion for 7 years in agreement with the United States and should not continue this illusion for the remaining 7 months.