Bushehri son killed his mother + details

The Dashti police chief announced the arrest of a man who had killed his mother in the city of Khormuj.

Explaining the details of this news, Col. Jahanbakhsh Sayadi said: following the murder of a woman by her son in November of this year in the city of Khormuj, identifying and arresting the killer was specifically on the agenda of the city’s intelligence police.

He added: “After conducting preliminary investigations and obtaining forensic theory, it was determined that the victim was killed due to a blow inflicted by a winning body.”

Colonel Sayadi stated: with a round-the-clock effort and technical and intelligence measures, the killer was identified and arrested in a surprise operation with the cooperation of Dashtestan Awareness Police in his hiding place in Dashtestan city.

The police official further said: during the specialized investigation and the presentation of the available documents, the accused confessed to killing his mother due to personal disputes.

The police commander of Dashti city pointed out: the accused was handed over to the judicial authorities for legal proceedings.

Source: ISNA