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A hand sanitizer is a device that is used to wash your hands without any physical interference, fully automatically or with a foot pedal. These devices are produced in various types and prices, which we will review below.

Types of hand sanitizers

Automatic hand sanitizer

These devices have an automatic mode of operation by detecting the presence of a hand under it with an eye sensor and spraying disinfectant solution on the hand. Automatic operation allows you to disinfect your hands without any fear of contamination.

Pedal disinfectant

By pressing the foot pedal, this device sprays disinfectant solution on the hand. It should be noted that since most consumers wear shoes, this has no effect on coronavirus infection (because shoes should always be considered contaminated in any case). For this reason, it is always recommended not to use the pedal disinfectant indoors where people take off their shoes. In these cases, the best choice is an automatic disinfectant.

Buy a hand sanitizer

When buying this product from stores located in the market or other online stores, you should keep in mind the points that we will discuss below.

  • Check product prices in as many stores as possible. Note that the vast majority of these products are made in Iran and very high or very low prices can be a wake-up call for you. (The price of most of these products should be between 1 and a maximum of 5 million tomans and for more than this amount It only makes sense if the production was done in a specific way)
  • If you want to buy this product from an online store, make sure that The store has an electrical trust symbol Which indicates the registration of the store as Authorized Internet Business Is, be.
  • If the online store had a contact phone, it is better to contact the company’s sales expert and consult with him before buying.
  • Free shipping of disinfectant can be a bonus.
  • Make your purchase from where you have already offered your products to other customers and, if possible, read the views of other customers.
  • Whenever possible you should have all three of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.

I Nine Manufacturer and supplier of various disinfectants

I-Nine collection with a basket of variety More than 20 types of hand sanitizers, Is the largest and most complete sales reference for these products in Iran. Many of these products are professionally produced and ordered by iNine and are sold only in this collection. Of course, some other types also have other manufacturers and may be available in other stores.

Some frequently asked questions from customers about these products

Where can I buy a disinfectant?

– It is better to buy this product in the first place from where it can be trusted (for online stores, having a trust symbol is effective) Buying in person from a Telegram or Instagram channel may not allow you to do so.

How much does a disinfectant cost?

– These products have a price ranging between 1 million to a maximum of 4 million tomans. However, if you need to produce a device with specific specifications, its price may be higher.

Where is the manufacturer of the hand sanitizer?

– According to demand, this product has many manufacturers throughout Iran. Some of the products offered in I-Nine have been made to the complete order of this collection and its precise design, which is the result of many trials and errors and obtaining perfect and practical products.

What should be the after-sales service and warranty?

– Buy the product from somewhere that offers you a guarantee. If the product has a valid warranty, it means that the manufacturer is sure that the components used in the product are of high quality.

Smart disinfectant

Many customers are looking for a smart hand sanitizer. First of all, it should be noted that the smart hand sanitizer does not mean SMART and is known only because it has some minor items such as an eye or the same sensor. However, some features, such as detecting low levels of disinfectant solution or detecting spray time, may make the device smart.

What is the main difference between the products?

In general, the quality of construction, the material used in the body material and also the tank of these devices is where the difference can be seen. Low quality devices often from Poor win It causes it to burn quickly. Also, observing points such as the impossibility of pouring disinfectant on the electrical board, in addition to safety issues, is one of the points that the manufacturer must pay attention to.

The disinfectant solution tank of the device and its volume are very important. For crowded centers, it is better to use devices with a high volume of the tank, preferably more than 5 liters.

The material used and the color of the device are also important. If the material used is not of good quality and color, it may damage the look of your business and the interest of your customers. In addition, for example, a product with a metal body must have a good color on it to prevent rust.

Why buy an online hand sanitizer?

  1. I-Nine holds the largest product portfolio of disinfectants And your choice will not be limited to one or two devices.
  2. The prices of products in iNine are lower than other online stores, and its price distance from city-level stores is very large.
  3. INine is the manufacturer of many of these products and many of them have been produced to order and design by iNine, so you make your purchase directly and first hand.
  4. It does not offer low quality products. Some of the products offered in iNine and at the beginning of the epidemic were not of good quality and customers expressed dissatisfaction. As a result, I-Nine has terminated its contract with the manufacturers of these products and will no longer sell their products.
  5. INine offers warranty and after-sales service on its products.
  6. Shipping by this collection is free throughout Iran and, more importantly, it is sent with care and proper packaging to prevent any damage, especially for long distance shipments.
  7. Thousands of devices have been sold by this collection so far, so if the quality of the products offered by this collection was bad, this issue would have been clarified by now.

Contact us if you have any questions about the products, how to register the order, delivery time, warranty, etc.

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