By amending the law, the MPs have created tears from the elections and the ballot box of Bayal and Kupal. Holding free elections is one of the most important requirements for maximum participation of the people.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Nation Unity Party said: “Maximum participation of the people in the elections has requirements, one of which and of course the most important of them is holding free elections.”

In an interview with ILNA, Azar Mansouri said: “Any change in the election law that restricts the people’s choice is a violation of the republic and violates the emphasis of the founder of the Islamic Republic, who considered the vote to be the people’s vote.”

He said: “What the parliament has done with the presidential election law will make the elections and the ballot box of the Lion of Bayal and Kupal a tear.” In fact, the process that used to be applied to presidential candidates under the guise of approving oversight is formalized with more restrictive restrictions with the approval of the parliament and its transformation into law.

The reformist political activist added: “But in a general view, this law, along with the other behaviors of the 11th parliament, is an obvious attempt to unify the government and legitimize the presence of the military in power, which is in clear conflict with the rights of the explicit text of the constitution.” It belongs to that nation.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic Iran Nation Unity Party stated: The more limited the radius of the circle of qualified people to elect the people, it means depriving the people of the right to free choice.

He added: “Continuation of this procedure in the short term will cause a serious decline in public participation; Like what happened in the 11th parliamentary elections, it will jeopardize the national interests of the country in the long run.

The reformist political activist continued: “Undoubtedly, the growing decline in people’s participation will be a clear symbol of the nation-state divide, which will pose the greatest threat to national security and the national interests of the country.” Of course, one of the requirements for increasing people’s participation is to hold elections that are at least at the level of the constitution, but if there is no pathological and comprehensive view of this gap and this indifference to elections, of course, even in free elections participation may increase. Do not find.

Mansoori said: “In fact, if there is no significant relationship between elections and the functioning of elected institutions to meet the demands of the people, and the parallel government plays a key role in power relations, free elections may not guarantee maximum participation in elections.” .

He added: “I have said before and I emphasize again that the maximum participation of the people in the elections has requirements, one of which and of course the most important of them is holding free elections.”

The Deputy Secretary General of the Etihad Mellat Party stated: “Whether setting conditions for a politician or any other restriction for candidates is in conflict with the republic of the system, when it is said that it is the people’s vote and the people should play a major role in determining their destiny.” , Means that people should have the right to freely choose and choose. Here the main variable is the right of the people to choose and no institution should allow itself to narrow the scope of this choice. Therefore, the higher the conditions for candidacy, it means that this right has been taken away from the people and the election has lost its meaning.

He added: “Maybe what people choose is kind of different from mine.” I have no right to impose my choice on people; Unfortunately, with the approval of this plan and what is being done in the form of approving supervision, it is the intensification of these impositions to the people, which has led to the most distrust of the elected institutions and reduced the participation of the people.