By taking these energizing drugs, we will definitely get a corona

Dr. Ghobad Mohammadi, stating that the harms of taking energizing drugs are not hidden from anyone, added: “Using steroids weakens the body’s immune system against all diseases, including HIV (AIDS).”

He said: “Preventing the use of illegal and counterfeit supplements in sports clubs requires the serious attention and supervision of the provincial authorities of the relevant agencies.”

He stated: “According to the memorandum concluded with the Department of Sports and Youth, the General Directorate is committed to obtain a notarized monthly commitment letter from all owners of sports and bodybuilding clubs in order not to interfere in the supply of medicines, sports and food supplements and medical affairs.” Slowly

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor for Food and Drugs continued: “Also in this memorandum, continuous training of managers, coaches and athletes of sports clubs about the side effects of taking sports supplements is on the agenda of the province’s Department of Sports and Youth.”

Dr. Mohammadi added: “Another problem that we are witnessing recently is the use of illegal equipment in women’s beauty salons that harms the health of the skin.”

He added: “This issue is widespread in most hairdressing salons and has a growing trend, and the necessary supervision should be done in this regard.”

Source: IRNA