Call for the “Student Year Book” Festival

Call for the

The call for the 28th National Student Year Book Festival has been announced.

According to ILNA, student authors and translators have the opportunity to send their works to the permanent secretariat of the National Student Year Book Festival on March 19, 2017.

Based on this call, students of all fields and levels of university education and students of level 2 and 3 levels can submit their works in unlimited numbers and based on the following conditions in six main groups including engineering, basic sciences, humanities, agriculture and natural resources. , Medical and veterinary sciences, art and architecture and two special and international sections to send to the festival secretariat.

Accordingly, the student’s study period coincides with the time of publication and publication of the work, having general specifications of the book for the published work, having a receipt from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, publishing the book from the beginning of 1998 to the end of 1999, online registration, sending two volumes From the book to the secretariat and sending a copy of the original language text of the translated works, are among the conditions for participating in the National Student Year Book Festival.

Graduates who have published their book in the mentioned period (99-99) up to two years after graduation can also participate in the festival.

E-books sent to the festival secretariat must also be licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and holograms.

Received works will not be returned and selected works written or translated by more than one person will be awarded only one prize.

Based on this call, publishers can also send their student works along with the online registration form to the secretariat of the “Student Year Book” festival. The closing ceremony of the festival will honor the publishers who have taken serious care in publishing student works and who have had the best form of participation in the festival according to the criteria of the secretariat.

The special section of the 28th National Book Festival of the Student Year is dedicated to the topics of “Resistance Economics and Domestic Production”, “Oral History”, “Professional Ethics”, “Publishing Studies”, “Books and Reading” and “Islamic Humanities”.

In this period, for the first time, the international section has been added to the festival, which is dedicated to foreign students who have written books on Iran. The subject of Iran includes sub-topics such as Iranology, tourism, religion, traditions and customs, Iranian thinkers, Iranian architecture and art, and so on.

This festival coincides with the “Book Week of the Islamic Republic of Iran” every year and with the aim of creating scientific vitality in the university atmosphere of the country, identifying and supporting nouveau riche and thoughtful students, introducing and honoring active publishers in the field of student works and strengthening the spirit of follow-up and research. Students are held.

According to the announcement, those interested can register after the registration through the internet system at www. isba. ir, send two copies of the original work along with the online registration form to the postal address of the Festival Secretariat in Tehran, Enghelab St., Fakhr Razi St., Shohada Gendarmerie St., No. 72, PO Box: 1163-113345 and for more information Call 66952727.