“Capital” actor reacts to the sidelines of the Mafia Nights program / photo

Hooman Haji Abdullahi , One of the actors of the popular series Capital By posting on his official account, he congratulated Yalda to all the people of Iran and wrote about the recent rumors about his participation in the Mafia Nights program: “Hello and Yalda. Congratulations. I have learned from my elders to lower my head and do my job, if it was good, my work would defend me, if it was bad, I would be criticized and seek my own correction, but I would not be jealous, nor would I be jealous of anyone. I hit the ground.

According to statistics, we have about 2 million compatriots in Iran who suffer from physical, motor, speech or mental disabilities. That is, one out of every forty people. Of course, I also have people among my loved ones who more or less face these problems, but they fight them with courage and deserve praise. Curse me or anyone else who wants or wants to scratch the will and spirit of these loved ones with a word or any behavior. May God protect us all from error, misjudgment and misunderstanding. Sincerely, the people of Iran: Hooman Haji Abdollahi “.

You can see the image of the published post below:

Transparency of the capital actor