Car market transactions were locked

According to Tejarat News, according to car activists, the sellers refuse to sell the car, some of them bought the car at a time of high prices, and with the fall in prices, if they intend to sell, they will suffer in the current situation. Falling prices and declining prospects in the market are preventing the purchase of cars, and this practice has reduced transactions and stagnation in the market.

The prices of some models have decreased more and others have decreased less, and the prices of imported cars have dropped by several billion Tomans and domestic products by 30 to 40 million Tomans.

Some experts believe; If the authorities can manage the price of the currency and do not allow it to rise again, the car market will be relatively stable and we will see a larger percentage drop in the prices in the car market.

People do not worry about buying a car

Experience has shown that when the price of a currency rises, the prices of all products, even unrelated goods, rise in line with exchange rate fluctuations, and when the exchange rate declines, we see prices fall, but not as much as the percentage that has risen.

In the current situation and considering the economic situation of the country in the conditions of sanctions, the impulses of any international event in our country are more.

Some market participants say that many buyers have kept their hands in order to reduce the price of cars in the country with the revival of Borjam, and now, the recession in the market is due to the relative stability in the foreign exchange market and that people are not worried about buying.

Optimism about falling prices has led to a slump in the market

Alireza Pourhassani, a member of the Automobile Exhibitors Union, told Etemad about the stagnation in the car market: “Given the political changes and the optimism of Joe Biden in the United States, prices are expected to continue to fall and people to make any decision to buy a car or property.” And… held hands.

The member of the Automobile Exhibitors Union said that a positive view has been created among the people for the prosperity of the economy, adding: “There are whispers of economic openings in the country and speculations about lower exchange rates and imports of foreign cars are other causes of the recession these days.”

The price bubble in the car market was broken

Pourhassani stated that the price bubble in the market has already been broken, noting that the price of the car had risen abnormally and now the prices are decreasing, so that the Peugeot 206 Type 2, which had risen to the range of 260 million Tomans, Today it has reached 180 million Tomans and Pride car, which was priced at 130 million Tomans a few months ago, has reached 100 million Tomans today.

This activist in the field of automobiles continued by pointing to the high drop in prices in the foreign car market: for foreign cars, this price reduction was greater, so that they had a price drop from 700 million to 3 billion tomans and more, for example, BMW Room 7, which reached the border. 10 billion tomans had gone up, now it has reached the price range of 6 to 7 billion tomans.

This member of the Automobile Exhibitors Union added: The price of Santa Fe car, which had reached 2.5 billion Tomans, has decreased by 1.5 billion Tomans in today’s market, and Mazda car, which had increased in price by 1.3 billion Tomans, is now available in 880 Tomans. It has reached 890 million Tomans and the Cerato car in the market, which had risen to the ceiling of one billion and 150 million Tomans, has reached 780 million Tomans.

Pourhassani believes; The automakers’ policy of liberalizing the prices of some cars in the market is effective only if the supply of cars in the market is not limited, otherwise it will not be cost-effective.

“Automakers usually make a lot of commitments and not all of their products are delivered immediately to offer a month or three months, and for example they have pre-sold some of their products for October 1400 and the implementation of this plan seems to be It turns out to be a bit complicated.

Market transactions are locked

Saeed Motameni, president of the Tehran Auto Dealers and Exhibitors Union, had previously said that car prices were falling in the market, and despite the reduction in car prices, transactions were locked in the market and no sales were made, and those who owned a car. They are not able to buy due to high prices and low purchasing power, and transactions in the car market revolve more around the axis of investment. Prices are fictitious and irrational, and a person determines the exchange rate and proceeds to buy or sell by calculating the exchange rate and the amount of profit.

According to the report; The proposal of the Ministry of Silence regarding the liberalization of the price of 45% of the cars produced by the automakers has not been finalized yet and no decision has been made regarding the liberalization of the car price.

Last week, the price liberalization of some automakers’ products was supposed to be discussed at a meeting of the Economic Coordination Council of the three powers, but this did not happen.

But after that, news was heard about the approval of the Competition Council with the proposal of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) to liberalize the prices of some products produced by car companies.

As previously stated by Reza Shiva, Chairman of the Competition Council, the proposal of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran to withdraw at least 10 cars, including Denaplus Turbo Charging, Haima, Rana, Quick, Shahin, Saina, Peugeot 207 Panorama, Changan, Aria, K132 and others Cars are included in pricing.

Of course, as mentioned, the members of the Competition Council have conditionally agreed to release the prices of some products of the two major automakers of the country, so that the cars that are competitors and classmates are excluded from the pricing instructions.

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