Carogit pipe price

Due to the ability of the corrugated pipe to withstand heavy loads that easily transfer any pressure to the soft ground, this product can be easily used in sewage or other applications. The nature-preserving feature of corrugated pipe makes it even more useful for companies carrying out water and sewage projects, even if it bends.

Another feature of the corrugated pipe, which is easy to connect using a coupler, makes it easier to use this type of pipe, and as a result, the work speed is increased, which ultimately saves time and costs. Flexiblet and flexibility of corrugated pipe cause less vulnerability of these pipes and more continuity in using these products. It can be said that the general configurations and materials used in the manufacture of these products are unique. These products can be purchased at low cost and include a wide range of diameters. One of the factors involved in choosing the diameter of the corrugated pipe is the amount of fluid flow through each cross section or per second.

The tube can be made from a combination of steel or plastic such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or PVC, which can cover the outer layer of the tube or still remain accordion. Typical coatings for steel pipes include galvanized, aluminum, polymer and bitumen. Plastic corrugated pipes can withstand a very wide pH range of chemicals.

Production methods of corrugated pipe

Carogit pipes are produced in different sizes in the form of Carogit pipes and Carogit spiral pipes, which in fact is just a different production method. In the production of Carogit pipes, polyethylene materials are molded and pressed as a single piece, but in the production of pipes. Carogit spirals have a different production method.

In the spiral carogit method, the main profile or the protrusions on the pipe are cooled by the extruder that produces the pipe profile, after cooling and passing through the water inside the tub, it is cooled and rolled in a spiral, and then this profile is welded together by the extruder. And the inner layer of Mr. Batch is injected into the tubes. After injecting the inner layer into the yellow corrugated pipe, which is yellow, it is glued to the inner surface of the pipe by rollers with high pressure. These pipes are usually produced in high sizes, ie from 1000 to 3200.

Carogit pipe fittings

The branches of corrugated pipes are connected in two ways. From size 110 to size 1200, using a coupler and a coupler washer, the corrugated pipe is welded to the whole during production, and in the form of male and female, the pipes go together and the washer is placed inside the groove of the corrugated pipe for sealing. The washers are made of EPDM or PVC. Another type of coupler is the coupling bands with or without gaskets that fasten the pipes together.

The second method is to connect extrusion welding corrugated pipes, which is done from size 800 to size 3500 mm with this method. In this method, the pipes are placed opposite each other and the raw materials are heated by the extruder gun and the edges of the pipes are welded together. Carogit pipes are produced in branches of 3, 6 and 12 meters. Carogit pipes can be produced in long branches and delivered as arches at the installation site.

To prevent the increase of the connection point and the number of connections, carogit pipes can be produced in long branches. For example, a 12-meter pipe can be easily carried by a trailer and the number of connections is reduced. When choosing a 6-meter or 12-meter corrugated pipe, it is important to choose the optimal mode between the two parameters of shipping and handling costs and installation costs. These pipes are also used for surface and subsurface drainage. The holes allow runoff to seep into the pipe from the surrounding soil.

Carogit Pipe Factory

Carogit pipe is produced in Iran in Saveh, Garmsar, Sanandaj, Mashhad, Tabriz, Qazvin, Ahvaz, Qom and Kerman cities. An important point in purchasing is to consider the cost of transporting the pipe to the project site in financial calculations. Carogit pipes are bulky and light, so importing this type of pipe is not economical. Therefore, according to the needs of the country, Iranian companies and domestic investors imported corrugated pipe production lines from countries such as Germany, India, China and Poland and produced corrugated pipes in Iran.

On the other hand, PVC or polyethylene sewer pipes will have lower costs due to the fact that raw materials are produced in Iranian petrochemicals and are cheaper for producers. The corrugated pipe production plant includes a shed for storing raw materials and a production shed that contains production lines including extruders, corrugators, cutters and docks.

Our collection has determined the price of Carogit pipe because the production costs are very low and the final product reaches the customer at a reasonable price and you can easily make an economical purchase. It goes without saying that the pipes produced in this factory will have a longer life and better quality during certain changes, so there will be no need to worry about the strength and durability of the pipes. It goes without saying that these changes are made in the pipe molds. And has resulted in amazing results.

Carogit pipe price

Polyethylene double-walled corrugated pipes are produced in different types, each of which will have a different price according to its size and pressure bearing internal and external load. Be.

Carogit pipes of this company, using the knowledge of modern production machines and German upgrades and very reasonable prices, allow the buyer to have the best price with the highest possible quality of Carogit double-walled pipes throughout Iran. The price list of double-walled corrugated pipe in size (mm and inches), external pressure tolerance and according to the standard table of double-walled corrugated pipe is specified and announced. Contact the collection experts to make the purchase with the best quality and the lowest price. How to calculate the cost price of Carogit pipe We use the following formula:

Carogit pipe price = Weight per meter of sewage corrugated pipe * Price of polyethylene raw materials + profit of the manufacturer

The weight of each meter is determined based on the resistance and the type of use. The price of raw materials is determined by the petrochemicals that produce the materials. Factory profits include production costs, energy costs, personnel salaries and shareholder profits.

Carogit pipe sizing:

Carogit pipe sizing starts from 110 mm and, respectively, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 mm in continuation of Carogit spiral polyethylene pipe and 1400, 1600, 1800 spiral , 2000, 2500 and 3000 mm