CEO Chadormelo: A revolution in the field of mining in Iran is on the way

Engineer Nasser Taghizadeh positively assessed the conditions and prices of minerals in the New Year and said: “It seems that in the new year, we will see an increase in metal prices, but our domestic market will not be directly affected by rising global prices.”

Regarding the future of mining and its related parameters in the New Year, Chadormelo CEO said: “We evaluate the outlook for the New Year positively and so far the prices of mineral products seem reasonable;” Of course, we are not very influenced by world market prices for the sale of minerals; Because the pricing of mineral products in the country is much lower than its conversion rate abroad.
He added: “It looks like we will see an increase in mineral prices again next year. This increase in prices abroad will lead to an increase in prices inside the country; Of course, not immediately and in proportion to it, but with a lower slope.
Regarding the plans of the Ministry of Silence to improve the mining situation at the present time, Engineer Taghizadeh acknowledged: The plan presented by the Minister of Silence to cancel the uncertain zones is very effective. If only this program is fully implemented, there will be a revolution in the field of mining.
He added: “This action will create the ground for various companies to work in these areas, and as in the past, paper should not be bought and sold just by registering the area.” We hope that this plan will be fully implemented.
Referring to the capacity of specialized personnel in the country, the CEO of Chadormelo Company emphasized: We do not have any shortage in the human resources sector; Except for the underground mines, which are a little behind the knowledge of the day; In the rest of the mines, we have a lot of specialized and skilled personnel. We do not have a serious problem in the machinery sector, but due to the high price of foreign currencies, sometimes it is not economical to buy machinery.
Nasser Taghizadeh stated that the domestic mineral market has not yet been able to adapt to current prices; He added: “For this reason, some mining machines, some of which are priced at 20 to 30 billion Tomans; They are not affordable for their buyer. It should be noted that we have a shortage of drilling machinery in the country, and we have no problem importing it.

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