Chabahar is Pakistan’s gateway to Middle Eastern countries

Rahim Hayat Qureshi, in a meeting with the director general of the Chabahar Free Zone Organization, said: “We believe today that it is not the countries that are developing, but the regions that Development and progress Experience.

Qureshi stated: “We respect the historical commitments of our country with regard to religious and cultural commonalities.” Social and Economic With ایران We are committed.

He said: “I have traveled to this region to open the Rimdan border and get acquainted with the capacities of Chabahar, and I am glad to see that there are good capacities to start economic and commercial activities.”

Ambassador IR Pakistan stated in Tehran: Pakistan Emphasizes the development of relations with Iran, and we tend to Pakistani businessmen, in particular Private sector To be present in Chabahar to take advantage of investment opportunities.

The CEO of Chabahar Free Zone Organization also said: using the existing capacities in Chabahar and Gwadar Free Zone through the Rimdan border in line with Economic Growth The two countries are very important.

Abdul Rahim Kurdi added: “The opening of the Rimdan market is the beginning of a new chapter to reduce and eliminate illegal activities at the border.”

“The goods needed by Pakistan can be produced at a lower cost in the Chabahar Free Zone,” he said. Investors Activists from Pakistan are present in the region.

The CEO of the Chabahar Free Zone Organization stated: Now is a good opportunity for Iran and Pakistan To promote economic relations between the two countries.

He continued: Regarding supply Electricity And Energy Required In Gwadar, Pakistan, we can work well together.

Kurdi added: Regarding investment Joint in the port and in manufacturing companies, there is a good readiness in Iran that from Fund We welcome the friendly and brotherly countrymen of Pakistan.

He continued: “Even if the conditions are provided by Pakistan, a joint special industrial zone can be set up for the two countries.”

The CEO of Chabahar Free Zone Organization said: Pakistan Economic Corridor and China In addition, the cooperation between Gwadar and Chabahar can lead to significant economic, trade and transit prosperity in the region.

“Not only Pakistan but also China can be connected to Eastern Europe through the Rimdan border,” Kurdi said.