Children’s health is guaranteed with this amazing fruit

The nutrients in this food, Date Put in the group of foods suitable for children and adults. also Date Contains vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, niacin, vitamin A, B6 and vitamin K. Date It is a good source of dietary sugar and fiber. Dates contain fructose and dextrose, which provide the body with the energy it needs. All of these nutrients are essential for a growing baby.

Babies from six months of age can take this food. In the beginning, dates can be included in the baby’s diet in the form of puree. However, after the first feeding of the baby with each new food, it is necessary to wait for three days and continue consuming that food if there is no re-allergy.

Since dates are rich in nutrients, consuming them helps the child’s physical and mental development.

Some of the benefits of this food for the health of the child:

Useful for brain growth

Potassium is very good for brain development and is found in abundance in dates, so dates can be included in a child’s diet for cognitive development.

Prevention of indigestion

Dates treat indigestion and correct bacteria or related problems in the gut. The problem of indigestion is observed in many children and because of this, children face many physical problems, so with the help of dates, the child can be protected against indigestion.

Protect liver health

Babies are very sensitive so they are more at risk for viruses and bacteria that can have a negative effect on the liver. Liver disorders can lead to serious illnesses such as jaundice, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

Useful for treating stomach ulcers

If a child has a stomach ulcer, the properties of dates help reduce this complication.

Suitable for teeth strength

Eating dates is good for tooth growth and also helps strengthen the gums and teeth.

Source: Moist