China is to blame for the recent cyber attack on the United States

Incumbent President Donald Trump reacted today (Saturday) in a Twitter message to cyber-attacks on the United States.

“The fake media was exaggerated in the recent cyber attack,” Trump wrote in the message. “I gave the full explanation and everything is under control.”

“Russia, Russia, Russia is the only thing the mainstream media is talking about, because for economic reasons they are afraid of arguing that it could be China ‘s job (which is likely),” the senior US official continued.

“They may have targeted our voting machines, and now it is clear that I am the winner, this is a greater shame for the United States,” he said, reiterating his allegations of electoral fraud.

A NATO official, meanwhile, said cyber attacks on key US government facilities were being monitored by the organization’s cyber team.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused Moscow of involvement in recent cyberattacks against Washington.

“There has been a very significant effort, and I think it is very clear now that Russia is behind the massive cyber-attacks on the United States,” the secretary of state said without elaborating.

Meanwhile, US federal officials issued an urgent warning yesterday that the parties that carried out the cyber-attacks against government institutions had used various technologies.

“Russia’s cyber-attack proves a concept,” said John Bolton, a former White House national security adviser. They can enter critical systems and others can. “Our main priority must be adequate revenge to re-establish deterrence.”

Last Thursday, Microsoft announced that the anti-virus software of the American company Solar Windows had registered dozens of intrusions in its systems. The NATO official said that the organization has used the software of this American company in some of its systems in Belgium.

According to US media reports, last Sunday a group of hackers carried out large-scale cyber-attacks on US institutions with the support of a foreign power and stole data from several government agencies. Dozens of cyberattacks have been reported in recent weeks against sensitive US institutions, including the Treasury Department, the Department of Homeland Security and nuclear facilities, which have raised concerns among US officials that potentially important information has been stolen.