Citizens’ responsibility is formed in the snowy days / winter glory with collective support

According to the Borna news agency in East Azerbaijan, this year, although many of the citizens’ seasonal entertainment has been affected by the outbreak of coronary heart disease, and many tourist and recreational places that hosted citizens in previous years are closed, but still more or less personal cameras It depicts the beauty of the city’s whiteness and the silence that prevails.

The whiteness and beauty of the snow is on one side of the winter coin and on the other side is the cold, traffic and ice that most of the citizens, especially in the low-income areas of the city.

Although the city administration does its best to benefit the citizens from the beauty of winter, but in the meantime, the cooperation of the citizens can create memorable moments.

One of the principles of citizenship culture is the participation of citizens in the preservation, maintenance and urban activities, which can be as much as shoveling a place or shaking the trees of the settlement.

Some urban management tasks can be performed collaboratively by citizens. For example, waste segregation, creation of green neighborhoods, and finally, in these types of activities, urban management provides the necessary tools and support to volunteer citizens, and in return, citizens perform their civic duties, at least in their place of residence.

With this description, now that we are in winter and we are witnessing heavy snowfall, this partnership can be in the form of shoveling the house, shaking the snow of the trees to prevent them from breaking and avoiding improper salting in the area, which seriously damages the asphalt and urban infrastructure. .

The snow itself is beautiful to watch and play with, but it is even more beautiful to record moments of citizen participation and citizenship.

Another issue to consider these days is the prevalence of the Corona virus and the poor economic situation of some businesses that have been affected in this area.

Surely we have all seen popular movements and movements to support the affected citizens of Corona, although our small participation in these movements can warm the lives of these people in this winter.

Winter is cold and hard, but it can be made beautiful and memorable by doing small things. Doing a small task, such as shaking a tree, or participating in a collaborative effort, while seemingly insignificant, is a growing process in building an ideal society and utopia. We can enjoy winter and its beauties together, if we know a little about our civic duties.