Clear all kinds of stains from all kinds of surfaces

Existence stain It is an unpleasant occurrence on all kinds of surfaces, which in some cases is difficult to eliminate and sometimes even leads to the abandonment of equipment. Knowing ways to remove stains from a variety of surfaces will help you keep your surroundings tidier and cleaner than usual. The use of these methods also increases the duration of use of various devices.

Methods for removing stains from a variety of surfaces

Here are some tips to help you get rid of stains like any other job that will help you achieve better results in less time. The first and most important point is that the fresher the stain, the easier it will be to clean. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not postpone the cleaning of stains to another time and deal with it as soon as possible. Also, the type of detergent you use will have a great impact on the final result. Each detergent is produced for use in specific cases and has its own applications. If you use the wrong detergent to wash your clothes, your clothes may be damaged and the negative results will be more than the positive results. To determine if a detergent is suitable for your clothes, you can try a specific and controlled amount of it on a corner of the clothes. A noteworthy point in choosing a detergent is that enzyme-based cleaners are designed to remove stains and break down proteins and are a good choice for this.

Stain remover on clothes

Many of the clothes that can no longer be used by us are clothes that have a small stain on them and are not easily removed. Applying the right powder on clothes is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. All you have to do is find the appropriate stain on your clothes and use it to remove the stain on your clothes. After removing the stain, wash the clothes with a suitable detergent and put them in the open air to completely To dry.

Erase fingerprints on the wall

To remove fingerprints from oil-painted or plastic-painted walls, cut a potato in half and rub the inside several times on your desired surfaces. Then use a clean sponge or cloth to wipe the traces off the wall.

Cleans lipstick stain

To remove lipstick stains from clothes, just put a little toothpaste on the stain and then wash it gently. You can also speed up the process by using hair spray before washing stains or alcohol.

Wax stain removal

When waxing your shoes, they may accidentally hit a small amount of wax on your clothes and stain it. First, soak a cotton ball and gently dab it on the stain. Then pour a little dishwashing liquid on the cotton and apply it on the stain. Apply a wet cotton ball to the stain again to completely remove the stain. If you still have the effect of wax on your clothes, use a little alcohol. Pour a little alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe the stain until it is completely clean. Finally, wash your clothes with lukewarm water and washing powder to thoroughly clean them.

Clean ink stains

Using milk is a good solution for removing ink and pen ink. Put the stained clothes in a bowl of milk and wait for about 5 minutes. Then wash it with plain water. After repeating this several times, there will be no trace of ink stains on your clothes. Sour milk and buttermilk have a similar effect and can be a good alternative.

The second method to remove ink stains is to use hair spray. To do this, first put a layer of paper towel under the stain and spray on the stain. Keep doing this until the stain disappears and the ink disappears. Wait for the cloth to soak for a few seconds. Then clean the ink stain with a cloth. After repeating these steps several times, the stain will disappear completely and you can completely eliminate its effect by using enzymatic detergents.

How to remove black ink from the carpet

Pour some yogurt on the black ink stain and wait a while for it to mix with the ink. After a short time, pick it up from the carpet with a spoon. After several repetitions, the stain disappears completely.

Clean egg white stain

Most people think that it is better to wash the stains with warm water so that they disappear faster and no trace of them remains. This idea is completely wrong! Some stains, such as egg white stains, must be washed with cold water to be completely removed; Otherwise, the stain is fixed and does not disappear easily.

How to remove stains from tiles

Stains on the tile should be removed using a special solution. To prepare this solution, just combine half a cup of ammonia, half a cup of white vinegar, a quarter cup of baking soda and about four liters of warm water. This solution easily removes ordinary stains from the tile; However, if your tiles are very dirty and dirty, you can use a combination of baking soda and Vitex. Apply this paste on the tile with a brush or scotch and after a few minutes, rinse it.

Clear chocolate stains

First, remove the remaining chocolate from the clothes and pour a little liquid or hand washing powder on it. Using a toothbrush or brush, spread the detergent on the clothes and wait for five to ten minutes. You can also gently pull the two sides of the fabric together to spread the detergent on it. Finally, without washing the detergent, wash the clothes in the normal cycle and at the warmest temperature.

Clean grass stains

Apply your cleanser directly on the stain. Slightly pull the fabric over and wash it as before without washing it with other detergents. Diluted white vinegar helps to remove the remaining color of the stain. Note that this solution may cause discoloration of your clothes; To prevent this, it is recommended to apply a little hot vinegar to a corner of the clothes with a cotton ball and after about three minutes, wipe it with a towel. If the napkin does not take on the color of the clothes, this solution will not cause a problem for the fabric.

Cleaning juice stains

Juice stains on clothes are one of the same stains that should be washed with cold water. Wash your clothes with cold water and apply the powder directly on the stain; So that the surface of the stain is completely covered. After 20 minutes, wash clothes in the normal cycle and at the warmest temperature.

Clean the sauce stain

Take a clean cloth and use it to smear the stain with alcohol. Note that this must be done in the form of an impact. Then wash the fabric with cold water and a suitable detergent. If the stain is on the carpet or rug, put a little shaving paste on the stain and rub it with a sponge to remove the stain. Finally, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry.

Clean bitumen stains

Butter and gasoline are two good and strong cleaners to remove bitumen stains from surfaces.

Clean flower stains

To remove flower stains from clothes, you must first remove the dried flowers from the clothes. Then cut a potato in half and rub it on the stain. Then wet the clothes with cold water and wash as usual. If a small trace of the stain remains, apply an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to remove the stain completely.

There is another way to do this; Put a little soft cleanser and water on the cloth to create a soap scum. After washing clothes and if stains remain, use white vinegar, a little water and enzyme powder. If your clothes cannot be washed in the washing machine, after the stain is completely dry, use a combination of a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a cup of water and wash it with cold water.

Clean coffee stains

Pour a little cold water and washing powder on the stain, gently pull the cloth together or gently clean it with a soft toothbrush or brush. After a few minutes without cleaning the detergent, wash the clothes in the usual cycle with warm water.

Clean blood stains

There are four general ways to wash and clean blood stains:

Make a mixture of cold water and salt and change the water every once in a while. Keep doing this until the stain is completely removed.

If the blood stain is fresh and has not yet dried, it can be easily washed off with cold water and soap.

Mix cold water and cornstarch together to make a paste. Apply this paste immediately on the bloodstain and cover it completely. Spread the dough a little on the stain and put it in the sun to dry. Sunlight removes blood stains from the fabric and absorbs it into the starch paste. Keep doing this until the stain is removed.

Many men are careless when shaving their face and small blood stains appear on the collar of their clothes. Pour a few drops of cold water on these stains and sprinkle a little starch powder on it. As the starch dries, wash clothes to completely remove stains.

Eliminate candle stains

There are four main ways to remove a candle stain:

  • Cool the candle stain with ice
  • Heat the candle wax
  • Use ironing
  • Compressed air spray

Applying these methods hardens the candle stain and helps to separate it from the surfaces. Heating the stain also melts the candle wax and can be cleaned with a towel.

Peeling gum from hair

Your child may stick his gum to his hair while playing. To separate the gum from the hair, simply cool it with an ice pack and remove it from the hair as the gum hardens. You can also completely remove gum from the hair by using a moisturizer on the hair and a clean, dry cloth.

Clean gum stains

Gum stains on different surfaces are one of the most painful types of stains. Soak the clothes in hot vinegar for one to three minutes to clean them. Then gently remove the gum from it and repeat this process until the gum is completely removed. Finally, wash the clothes at the warmest temperature and in the usual cycle. Note that before doing this, you must test the color fastness on the clothes. To do this, apply a little hot vinegar to a small part of the garment with a cotton swab. After one to three minutes, by pulling a clean cloth, the stability or instability of the color of the clothes is determined.