Click for free registration of stock exchange code + absenteeism

The stock code is your unique identifier for trading on the stock exchange or over-the-counter, with which you can buy and sell shares or Islamic treasury bills (Akhza) or initial public offering or housing facilities for yourself (or your company).

The stock code is the same as the national number. After having a stock exchange code, you can buy and sell shares (or initial public offering or Islamic treasury bonds or housing facilities) through one (or several brokerages). Even if you buy stocks from several brokerages online, your stock code will be the same.

(Because after completing the initial steps, your request will be processed in the stock exchange organization)

After having the stock code, you need to get the code to buy and sell stocks online and start your trading. Now in a few minutes you can proceed to receive the stock code and buy stocks online (simultaneously and perform a series of steps) at the same time. This way you can get the stock exchange code online for free.

Steps to register in the stock exchange:

1- Register in Sajam

۲- Get the stock exchange code

۳- Register at a brokerage and receive account information

4- Start trading

You can follow all the above steps for free from the link below

You can apply for registration in brokerages both in person and in absentia. Currently, most brokerages have enabled offline registration on their site, so that you can choose the method of signing a brokerage contract after registering the information in this section. To sign a contract, many brokerages have contracts with counter offices so that you can complete your registration by visiting the nearest office. Of course, some brokerages also have facilities such as a representative going to the residence, which you should coordinate with the brokerage for these services.

After completing the registration and signing of contracts, you will usually receive an email and SMS within less than a week to enter the brokerage trading system.

If you have not previously registered and authenticated in the SJAM system, you must have completed your registration and authentication in the SJAM system before this step. use.

  • At present, authentication in an informed brokerage is done online (in person).