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Alireza Mahyar, deputy director of the Central Depository Company, said about how to use justice stock credit cards: “These cards are like credit cards that the government offers to its employees to buy goods, but the difference with credit cards is that the holders of such cards can Instead of buying goods, ask for micro-loans from banks.

He stated that 5 state and semi-state banks, such as Bank Melli, Post Bank, Mellat, Saderat and Tejarat, have announced their readiness to provide credit cards to those who are entitled to justice shares. Of course, some private banks also pay micro loans through cards. Credit equity stocks have come to work.

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Micro loans that do not require a guarantor

The deputy director of the Central Depository Company explained the mechanism of payment of micro-loans by banks to credit card holders of Adalat shares with an 18% interest rate, but without a guarantor, and said: Does not have a guarantor.

Mahyar added: “Justice stock credit cards are for shareholders who have chosen the indirect method of managing their shares and their number is estimated at about 30 million people.” The deputy director of the Central Depository Company added: “This process will be all electronically from the origin of the operating banks to the destination, which are the depository company and the capital market.”

Recipients of justice stock credit card must be Sajami

He added: “People who have chosen the indirect method of managing their shares must be Sajami, and after authentication in the applications related to the operating banks and after the deposit company confirms that the person is Sajami for the bank, he can transfer his assets.” Observe and realize how much equity assets he has and fill in the relevant form in the bank system accordingly. He added: “In fact, a person realizes how much he can receive without the need for a face-to-face visit.”

The official said about how to get a credit card for justice shares: “Some banks have implemented the necessary application service for the internet access of the beneficiaries, which they can use to get a loan to use the benefits of this plan, some other banks It is through bank cards that people use in their hands.

The Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation Development of the Central Depository Company said about the amount of facilities granted by banks: “Some banks have predicted 60% of the daily value of the individual assets and some up to 100% for granting facilities, the mechanism of which depends on the operating bank.” . Finally, the individual request is sent to the Central Depository Company.

Mahyar said: “These requests are cumulative and the discussion of mechanized certification takes place, and then the company informs the bank that the individual shares have been certified and the bank can give credit to the shareholder.” According to him, some banks intend to charge this amount in the form of charging ordinary customers’ cards, some in the form of purchase cards and some through new payment methods.

Implement an app service for people to access their credit card

The Deputy Director of Technology and Innovation Development of the Central Depository Company also stated about the start time of the mentioned process: Legal discussions and interactions between the banking network, the depository company and the capital market This process is more complex than its technical discussions, because it is the first time and legal protocols In such a way that the discussion of communication and stakeholders and the agency of the guarantor and the guarantor are completely clear. He continued: the issue of electronic authentication should be implemented and the legal deputy of the depository company is finalizing these issues. In this regard, initial interactions have taken place with several banks, and some banks have implemented the service to a large extent. According to Mahyar, after the first contract is finalized, people can enjoy the benefits of this credit card until the end of December.

The value of justice stocks reaches 20 million!

According to this report, the value of justice shares reached about 11 million and 38 thousand tomans until yesterday, Tuesday, December 9 (shares of 532 thousand tomans), which increased by more than 44 thousand tomans compared to the previous trading day. Meanwhile, according to experts, with the prosperity of the capital market, the value of justice stocks will undoubtedly increase and it is not far from the mind even to reach 20 million Tomans. Officials have repeatedly warned those involved in equity stocks not to sell their stocks, as these stocks could be a good investment and asset for them, and they could reap the benefits. However, some people who sold their shares of justice have faced a long process of receiving the small amount of money and have not benefited much from it.

However, Tavakoli, the head of the Union of Justice Stock Cooperatives, recently emphasized that we still recommend avoiding the sale of shares to determine their true value, noting that in the future, Justice shares will be used for day-to-day affairs, bank guarantees, guarantees and deposits. It was re-emphasized to avoid selling it.