Click here to receive justice dividends for 1998

The Stock Exchange and Securities Organization announced how to receive justice dividends in 1998 for people who have chosen direct and indirect methods.

According to the inclusion take stock Justice for 49 million Iranians, how to receive annual profits Justice shares Importantly for these people, about 19 million of them have chosen direct management methods and 30 million have chosen indirect management methods, ie through provincial investment companies.

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Stock Exchange Organization How to receive Dividends Justice was declared in 1998 for those who chose the direct and indirect methods.

The announcement of the Stock Exchange Organization states: In accordance with the resolution dated 23/7/99 of the Supreme Exchange Council, it was decided that the dividends of the investable companies belonging to the shareholders subject to justice shares for the year 1998 will be transferred to the accounts of the beneficiaries who have chosen the direct method. Introduced by investors and for beneficiaries who have chosen the indirect method, justice shares of each province will be paid to the accounts of provincial investment companies.

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