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The Justice Shares Project is one of the largest government projects in the last seven years, the release of which, after years of delays and efforts to remove existing obstacles, was finally completed on May 29, this year, by order of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution.

Simultaneously with the release of the shares of justice, experts said that if the necessary follow-up was not done by the officials in the government and the Privatization Organization, the release of this national plan would be in a state of ambiguity and we might not see such a big action in the country for years. .

Choice of justice stock management method

In the first phase of liberalization, people were given one month to choose the type of management method to announce that they are seeking direct management of their shares or that they intend to manage their shares indirectly through provincial investment companies.

Granting a credit card

After the possibility of selling justice shares, many people rushed to sell their shares. In this regard, the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange decided to issue a credit card for justice shares in order to prevent the emotional decisions of those involved in selling justice shares. The issue was approved by the government and the central bank.

From the very beginning, different times were promised for the issuance of this credit card, and in early November, “Alireza Mahyar”, Deputy Director of Technology and Innovation Development of the Central Depository Company, said about the measures taken to make it possible to issue a credit card. , Is the design of some mechanisms that as soon as we do and complete them, we will put the implementation process of credit card issuance on the agenda.

He added: “If the existing problems are solved, the credit card may be given to the shareholders of Adalat shares by the end of October.”

Presenting Justice Credit Credit Card by the end of December

Now, with the passage of November and the first decade of December, there is still no news about the issuance of a credit card, and the exact time is in a haze of ambiguity.

In this regard, “Alireza Mahyar”, Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation Development of the Central Depository Company today (Tuesday) pointed to the latest steps taken to finalize the time of issuing the credit card and said: “Issues related to technical discussions and measures related to its legal contract in” It is done.

He continued: “As soon as the relevant measures are completed, the legal discussion will be announced to the banks and the banks will put the activities related to the presentation of these cards on the agenda.”

Mahyar stated: “According to the negotiations, its legal issues are to be sent to the banks by the end of the week.”

He pointed out: in case of some coordination, the final stages of issuing credit cards will be finalized by the end of December, and the necessary measures for issuing these cards to shareholders will be on the agenda.