Collective statement of the revolutionary youth in appreciation of the nursing community

According to Borna, a group of revolutionary youth in a statement while congratulating the birth of Hazrat Zeinab Kobra (PBUH) on the occasion of Patience and Resistance and celebrating Nurses’ Day emphasized: It is more important and obligatory than appreciating their slogan.

The text of this statement is as follows:

Greetings to the myth of resistance and self-sacrifice, the sun of the world of the family of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH), the great lady of Islam, Hazrat Zeinab Kobra (peace be upon her) and bowing to the heavenly spirit of Sayyid al-Shuhada of the resistance and martyrs (PBUH) who proved with their precious blood sacrifice that the red path of Zeinabi is still full of courage and martyrdom, and many lovers around the world are ready to sacrifice their lives in line to defend their legitimacy and freedom. We bow and greet the high spirits of the martyrs who defended health, who sacrificed their precious lives to save the lives of the people, engraved in the hearts and souls of the revolutionary nation of Iran that the Islamic Iranian Nursing and Medical Society is the cause of Zeinabi and the devotion of the revolutionary nation. It is Iran.

In Islamic Iran, the anniversary of the birth of the great lady of Karbala, Hazrat Zainab (peace be upon him), is the day of commemoration of the nurse, the angels who, in white clothes, in the most difficult conditions of human life, with patience and peace, have mercy on their suffering bodies. And with their indescribable and jihadi efforts, by the permission of God, they give healing to the tired souls of the sick. The philosophy of this great work is a strange adaptation to the action of the Lady of Patience and Jihad, Hazrat Zainab (peace be upon him) who healed the sick soul of the Muslim Ummah. In the events after the Karbala incident, this noble lady, with her patience and Heydari courage, saved the religion and nation of her noble ancestor, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from the disease of misguidance and indifference, and the dormant and drowned consciences of the world. He awakened those days from the sleep of negligence and the science of freedom and seeking honor with the memory and name of that Imam was forever among the freedom-loving nations and nations.

The nursing community of Islamic Iran has always been by the side of the revolutionary nation of Iran in difficult and exhausting times with sacrifice and self-sacrifice. In the years of struggle of the Iranian nation against the oppressive imperial regime, in eight years of holy defense, in disasters and crises, in defense of the sanctity of God (peace be upon them all) and now with martyrdom and self-sacrifice, they sacrificed their lives for the nation Iran is facing the infamous Corona virus. Sepid Jamgan Irani, a generation after all generations, devoted themselves to protecting the health of the Iranian nation in accordance with sincerity, and the new generation of nurses created a jihadi epic that was proud to receive the honorable title of Defenders of Health. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Iranian nurses diligently and patiently sympathize with the pains of the Iranian nation, they themselves suffer from many job and livelihood problems, including the non-payment of the demands of this service and devoted group. A serious demand from the esteemed officials and the Revolutionary Assembly is special attention and immediate solution of the problems of the Islamic Iranian nursing community. It is not appropriate for the nursing community, which is fighting and sacrificing like the front line fighters, to be neglected and unloved by the officials and to have problems in managing its life and livelihood.

In addition to respecting and appreciating nurses for what they have done in recent months, paying attention to their living conditions and paying their dues should be a government priority. As the children of the new generation of the revolution, we emphasize to the government and the Ministry of Health that paying attention to the legal demands of nurses is more important and obligatory than praising them.

Anniversary of the birth of the model of patience and self-sacrifice of Hazrat Zainab (peace be upon him) in the presence of Imam Zaman (peace be upon him), the Supreme Leader of the Revolution (PBUH), the families of the martyrs of the World Islamic Revolution, Congratulations to the proud veterans and their families, the selfless and dedicated Iranian nurses and the revolutionary and free nation of Iran. From God Almighty, we have a responsibility to witness the growth and prosperity of the universal Islamic Iran with the presence, struggle and self-sacrifice of the new generation, in the second step of the Islamic Revolution.

And the last prayer is that, praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the Holy Prophet and the family of the pure.

The signatories of this statement are as follows:

Mehdi Aghrarian

Mehdi Sayad Shirazi

Hamed Alamati

Ali Haghighat

محمد نبی آقاتقی


Seyed Omid Mirghazanfari

Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Mohammadi

Hujjat al-Islam and Muslims Maysam Asupa

Alireza Davoodi

Amir Khoshkho

Maziar Azimzadeh Iranian

Seyed Mohammad Javad Sadri Mehr

محمدعلی ناصری

Alireza Rahmani

Ali Bayani

Ali Mohammad Shamloo

محمدرضا کاشفی

Sajjad Akbari

Amin Asadi

Mehdi Ramezani

Navid Khasabaf

حسین محمدیان نمینی

Hamed Zamani