Commemoration of the Commander of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Corps in Greater Tehran from the nurses of Firoozgar Hospital

The commander of Mohammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) Corps in Greater Tehran praised the staff and nurses of Firoozgar Hospital in Tehran.

According to ILNA, Sardar 2nd Brigadier General Hassan Hassanzadeh, Commander of the Mohammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) Corps in Greater Tehran, in a ceremony held on the occasion of Nurse’s Day with the presence of a number of commanders of different ranks of the Greater Tehran Corps, headed by a group of nurses from Firoozgar Hospital, Appreciating the tireless efforts of doctors and nurses, he said: “Health staff have always proved that they are by the side of the people in difficult days and have not given up any effort for the health of the people.”

Referring to the efforts of doctors and nurses in the eight years of holy defense and the sacrifices of these loved ones on the fronts, he said: “Today we are witnessing the sacrifices of your loved ones in the medical field in the fight against the infamous Corona virus. That said.

Sardar Hassanzadeh conveyed the message and greetings of the Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC, while expressing satisfaction with the results of the efforts of local researchers to make a vaccine for coronary heart disease, said: Be a community.