Commencement of the first international camp and the largest sports camp in the country with the support of the Copper Company

Mohsen Rezvanizadeh, the construction manager of Varzeqan sports camp, stated that this project has been defined in connection with the view of social responsibility of the copper company and with the aim of expanding sports facilities in Varzeqan region, said: The initial dedicated land for this project was 4.5 hectares. Studies and efforts of Dr. Saad Mohammadi, CEO of the Copper Company, a 12-hectare land permit was obtained.

According to the economic observation and quoted by Mes Press, Rezvanizadeh, stating this about other reasons for defining this project in Varzeqan city, said: with the successive championships of Mes Songun club and the brilliance of the futsal team of this club in national and Asian competitions, Creating a sports camp and creating conditions for holding competitions in the city of Varzeqan was felt.
According to Rezvanizadeh, economic goals were also defined in the definition of this plan so that the Sungun Copper Club could generate income and move towards financing itself economically in the future.
About the features and characteristics of this project, he said: The general plan of the project includes a futsal hall for 3,000 people, two lawns, a wrestling hall, a multi-purpose sports hall, a club office building and a residential complex.
The executor of the construction project of Varzeqan sports camp reminded: in designing this camp, international standards have been observed and in this regard, two international camps have been visited and all standards have been checked and observed.
Rezvanizadeh, stating that the design of the 12-hectare area is about 75,000 square meters, added: The project schedule is three years if the entire operational phases are done together, and according to the order of Dr. Saad Mohammadi and the board of directors, the initial phase The project includes the construction of a 3,000-seat hall and two football fields and space design, which will take 24 months according to the plans.
According to Rezvanizadeh, the total cost of this project over three years is estimated at 550 billion tomans.
“This project will create jobs in the region,” he said. “The project is designed so that several teams can camp in the camp at the same time, and in terms of climate and altitude, a very special and ideal situation.” It is for teams.

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