Commodity exchange can play the leading role in realizing the slogan of the year

The High Advisor to the President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce pointed to the role of the capital market in fulfilling the slogan of the year “Production, Support and De-barriers” and said: “This year’s slogan complements last year’s slogan (production leap) that if supported to produce and remove existing barriers , We can see the improvement of many economic and social problems of the country.

He said: “In order to fulfill the slogan of the year, we must first follow the challenges in the country and solve the problems created in the field of production.”

Bahadorani pointed out: “The growth of production and the subsequent growth of supply of goods will help reduce inflation and facilitate people’s access to goods and calm markets, which have a special role in financing the capital market and the banking system in financing and transparency of production.”

The senior advisor to the president of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce added: “The task of the stock exchange is to collect people’s capital and direct them to invest in production, and efforts should be made so that the capital market can function well in this area.”

He stressed: “Currently, the situation in the country is such that due to the situation of sanctions, corona and budget deficit, it is not possible to open a special account on government investment, but more on the funds available to the people and direct their savings for development.” And focused on investing in production and getting the right returns; This procedure will increase production in the country.

He continued: “Stock exchanges, along with banks that seek to attract people’s capital and allocate them to investment, will be two complementary paths that provide the ground for a jump in production.”

The important role of the commodity exchange in realizing the slogan of the year

Bahadorani further pointed out the importance of the role of the Commodity Exchange in fulfilling this year’s slogan and said: “The Commodity Exchange will regulate the commodity market, so that by concentrating the exchange of raw materials and intermediate goods in the exchange, we will see transparency and justice in the market.” We are in production, so the commodity exchange is one of the key tools to support production.

The High Advisor to the President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce added: “There are many warehouses in the country that have a lot of goods, these warehouses can support production and finance this sector by receiving a commodity deposit certificate in the Commodity Exchange;” Commodity exchange deposit certificate tool has a large capacity for the country’s industry, which has also been experienced in the world.

He continued: “Many countries are able to receive credit for the production sector from the inventory of raw materials and manufactured goods by using warehouse receipt transactions, and we must also use this capacity.”

In the end, the Senior Advisor to the President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said: “It should be emphasized that without competition and transparency, production cannot be supported and its obstacles removed; This principle emphasizes the need to develop and strengthen the commodity exchange and financial instruments so that the commodity exchange can, with the necessary support and transparency and discovery of commodity prices, facilitate the supply of raw materials and financing the production sector to the actor. Be the first to fulfill the slogan of the year.