Completion of the Stream-2 rolling pipeline in German waters

The Stream-2 gas pipeline consortium has announced that it has completed construction of part of the pipeline, which is located in German waters.

The Russian-led Consortium Nord Stream-2 announced on Monday (December 28th) that it had completed the pipeline project in German waters and was working on a 2-kilometer-600-meter section of the pipeline, Reuters reported. Ended with the threat of US sanctions.

Data from the Refining Icon ship tracked early Monday showed that the Russian Fortuna pipeline had left the construction site of the Stream-2 rolling gas pipeline in German waters in the Baltic Sea.

Fortuna began work on the pipeline earlier this month. The pipeline is bypassed by Ukraine and sent directly from Russia to Western Europe. Construction of the pipeline was halted for a year due to the dangers of US sanctions.

With the construction of the pipeline – estimated to cost 9 billion and 500 million euros ($ 11 billion and 600 million) – Western Europe will become more dependent on Russian gas, and Washington believes the pipeline will jeopardize Europe’s energy security. .

Fortuna is scheduled to continue construction of the pipeline in Danish waters next month.

Although the pipeline consortium (led by Russia’s Gazprom and its Western partners) has completed more than 90 percent of the project, there is still more than 100 kilometers to go.

Senior Trump administration officials said Wednesday (December 2nd) that Washington wants European allies and private companies to halt efforts to help build the pipeline.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Monday that Russia would have to adapt to possible new US sanctions to complete the project.