Comprehensive car service platform leads to customer satisfaction

Mohsen Salehinia added: “Baspar” software can facilitate, reduce costs, increase transparency and increase customer satisfaction, and increase speed and better access to automotive services.

Referring to international restrictions and the difficult conditions in Corona, he said: “With all the conditions, good things happened in the automotive industry and we were able to end the year of production leap with the production of nearly one million vehicles.”

Deputy Minister Samat added: “The country’s automobile industry has been a leader in the field of production with commitment, good management and the use of domestic capacities, which is witnessed by an appropriate increase in the production and supply of cars to the market.”

Deputy Minister Samat called car manufacturing one of the important axes of development in large industries and said: designing and producing new products with the participation of knowledge-based companies, increasing domestic production to reduce dependence and improving quality and after-sales service, upgrading standards and producing low-consumption engines. With the interaction of the country’s knowledge-based centers, it should still be at the center of the automakers’ activities.