Concluding a memorandum of cooperation between the Welfare Organization and the Qalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation

In order to help improve the educational status of students with disabilities as well as other students under the auspices of the Welfare Organization, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between this organization and the Ghalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation.

According to ILNA, quoting Public Relations and International Affairs, Fatemeh Abbasi, Director General of the Office of Family and Women Empowerment of the Welfare Organization, announced the news: “This memorandum is aimed at achieving social justice and promoting social welfare and empowerment.” Different people, especially the target groups of the Welfare Organization, have been concluded in accordance with the Law on the Establishment of the Welfare Organization and the Comprehensive Law for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as to guide brilliant and superior talents in various scientific, educational and training fields.

He added: “The subject of this memorandum is mutual cooperation in providing educational services and free educational assistance, scholarships, educational counseling, providing educational books and… for students with disabilities, as well as other students covered by the Welfare Organization.” The sixth grade is defined until the entrance exam, and the Qalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation is committed based on this memorandum to all students with visual, hearing, physical-motor disabilities and… covered by the Welfare Organization without applying the condition of grade point average and financial resources and in Accept and accept scholarships of any age. The only condition for accepting these people; Attendance at all exams and absence (including online and face-to-face meetings) is defined.

Admission is also possible for students covered in the field of social affairs of the Welfare Organization, which includes children of quasi-families, children of female-headed households or children of affected and vulnerable households, and the Qalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation is committed. To consider the GPA requirement for these students in all academic levels to be 1 point lower than the GPA of other people.

Abbasi said: “Accordingly, the Qalamchi Foundation has committed to apply the maximum possible discount of 30% for the in-person and online registration of the center’s exams for the children of the employees of the Welfare Organization.”