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Concorium books published by Mehromah

Nowadays, students do not rely on their textbooks to better understand the courses and succeed in the entrance exam, and in order to raise the level and consolidate their learning in school and succeed in the entrance exam, they buy textbooks. But in the meantime, they are faced with a huge variety of textbooks that if they decide to prepare them without consultation and study, they will be confused in their choice. In the meantime, Mehromah Publications has been able to take a step in producing a new generation of educational content with creativity and innovation; So that a wide range of audiences recognize Mehromah Publishing as a leading publisher in presenting new ideas, and now, after 15 years, with the production of more than 20 million books and the expansion of its activity in the field of video content production, Malta Media, applications and online tests have made Mehromah Publications one of the most prominent educational brands in the country.

In the following, in order to make you more familiar with the types of products of these publications, we will introduce the products and benefits of buying books of Mehrumah Publications in Bistak Online Book Bank.

More information about Mehromah Publications

With the aim of presenting a new generation of textbooks, these publications entered the field of publishing such books in September 2005, and by innovating in compiling a collection of graphic books (teaching through tree diagrams), created a huge change in learning lessons. Then, with the publication of rich pocket books called morsels, it was met with an unparalleled response from students. Then, since 2014, it has published books in primary and secondary schools, which include its unique audience. With the production of more than two million books a year, from elementary school to university, Mehromah Publishing has now gained a wide audience and has been honored with honors such as “selected by the Web Festival in three consecutive seasons, popular consumer brand chosen by the people and a sign of satisfaction.” The customer has achieved in the field of publishing educational books.

Introducing the types of books published by Mehrumah

A bite of books

Short cut books with textbooks for concours courses as well as thematic books such as a bite of a literary array with important examples of each course.

Summary books

Special summary of materials in the period close to the entrance exam, along with chapter-by-chapter summary of courses with summary textbooks and chapter-by-chapter tests, in addition to a series of entrance examination simulation tests.

Internship books

Includes summary textbooks and a number of descriptive and conceptual exercises without answers in addition to deep and conceptual exercises and a series of descriptive tests related to the first and second rounds.

Education and work books of Mehromah Publications

Suitable as a first resource and learning the basics while maintaining the textbook framework (textbook with textbook topics and topics on a lesson-by-lesson basis with textbook-related exercises with the process of providing exercises from easy to difficult with answers)

Space training books

Books in the form of a series of space education books and comprehensive space education books. The first series of books for a section with detailed and complete textbooks in accordance with the titles of the textbook and related tests, and finally with descriptive answers to the tests, and the second series includes more topics and more concise textbooks with a decrease in the number of tests.

Books of Mehromah Publishing Brain Club

This series of books has been written to strengthen mental skills and manage and control emotions, and to increase productivity when studying and achieving success. The books in this series include the following topics:

Brain Club 1:

Includes training in 7 important cognitive areas including memory, attention, visual-spatial skills, problem solving and logic, computational skills, face and emotion recognition and verbal skills.

Brain Club 2:

Includes training on how to increase concentration and attention and strengthen the parts of the brain whose job is to focus the senses.

Brain Club 3:

Includes training to strengthen memory and how to store information (lessons learned)

Brain Club 4:

Called the Control and Management Brain Club, it deals with aspects of concentration, learning, emotions, desires, and decisions.

Powertest books Mehromah Publications

It has complete textbooks, written tests and a national entrance exam with the aim of preparing for the entrance exam. Covering all the course materials in the textbooks and arranging them according to the topics of the textbook along with mentioning educational examples during the textbook is one of the features of this book.

Clever books

These books consist of two series. The first series is one-lesson books with the feature of thematic classification related to each lesson and simple to the difficulty of the tests with descriptive answers. The second series, comprehensive gifted books, includes books such as 1500 analytical tests, 20 sharp multiplex tests, Hooshan, and a symposium with questions similar to the gifted tests of all the topics covered.

Textbooks Pack Mehromah Publications

Special for elementary, junior high and junior high school with the aim of focusing on textbook topics with the following features:

  • Brief explanation of the basic concepts of the courses with emphasis on the items that were important and necessary for the descriptive exams
  • Explain all textbook questions
  • Provide a descriptive solution with sample descriptive questions
  • Presenting 2 sample questions, one corresponding to the education loading for the first semester and the second corresponding to the education loading for the second semester with descriptive answers

Comprehensive and basic books

Books with practical and useful mining textbooks with coverage of all course materials and a relatively large number of tests, adhere to the order of the textbook and its topics with descriptive answers

Concours booklet books Mehromah Publications

It includes the entrance exam booklet inside and outside the country for the entrance exam every year, which includes the entrance exam questions for one year and the analysis and critique of all the courses along with the descriptive answers to the questions.

Quick math textbooks

This series of books by Mehrumah Publications has been written to strengthen mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and the method of various calculations to manage time in the entrance exam session.

Consulting and planning books Mehromah Publications

Includes entrance exam strategy books (reviewing last year’s entrance exam statistics and comparing the difficulty of the entrance exam with previous years and providing analysis and solutions for success in the next year), my choice (course selection guide), my answer sheet (answers to practice and how to fill in the tests) , Is my counselor (counseling book for students and parents) and my companion (planning office).

Tanuri Exercise Books

For strong students and special and superior schools with more difficult exercises than the textbook, including a variety of descriptive exercises, vacancies, right and wrong, and a series of tests to assess students.

Benefits and benefits of buying textbooks of Mehrumah Publications from Bistak Online Book Bank

Bistak Book Bank has always sought to provide its readers with the comfort and ease without wasting time in the shortest possible time through online shopping and telephone ordering. For this reason, it makes every effort for its dear customers to increase the satisfaction of those noble people with the variety of products and easy access to the latest ones, along with book evaluation before purchase and a 20% discount and free shipping of products.

In this regard, Bistak Online Book Bank sells books published by Mehromah With the mentioned benefits for dear students. Also, in Bistek online, enjoy your shopping and make sure.

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