Conditions for candidates to participate in the human test of the Iranian corona vaccine

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Minoo Mehrz, about the time of starting the human test of the Iranian corona vaccine, said: “Probably, the first phase of the human test of the Iranian corona vaccine will start from the first week of January onwards.”

Beginning of the human corona vaccine test with 56 people

He said that so far a large number of people have volunteered to participate in the human test, adding that the first phase of the human test of the Iranian corona vaccine will begin with 56 people. In this phase, two injections are given to volunteers every two weeks. That is, they give one injection first and two weeks later the second injection.

Mehrz continued: “Since the prevalence of Covid-19 disease is high in the city and people may have antibodies, in the first series, the volunteers are kept in a special place, and after the second injection, the antibody status is They are checked. However, some experts believe that people who get Covid-19 can get the vaccine after three months. Because not everyone can be tested.

Conditions for candidates to participate in the human test of corona vaccine

Regarding the conditions for volunteers to take part in the human test of the Corona vaccine, he said: “These people must be completely healthy, all the necessary tests must be done for him, but he must not have a history of Covid-19 and his antibodies must be negative and between 18 and 50.” Be the year.

The main researcher of the Iranian corona vaccine production project, regarding the insurance coverage of the candidates for injecting corona vaccine, said: the first series of a gift will be given to them and they will also be covered by insurance.

When is the Iranian Corona vaccine ready?

Mehrz said: “I think if everything goes well and we get its approval from the World Health Organization, we will finally be able to have the Iranian corona vaccine in the spring.” Finally, at most, we can have this vaccine in late spring if successful.

Candidate to perform the test; Too much need

“These are not true at all,” he said of some dissenting media outlets about the lack of volunteers for the human test of the Iranian corona vaccine. They want to provoke the people, and that is what some media outlets do. While there are many volunteers for the corona vaccine test from all over Iran. From all over Iran, educated people, etc., volunteered a lot, and there are too many volunteers.

Emphasizing that Iran should produce its own corona vaccine, Mehrz said: “We must be able to make the vaccines we need ourselves.” There is also the knowledge and technology to do this. Currently, only two Croner Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been approved for vaccination in the United States. They first vaccinate nurses and health care workers and then go to the elderly and at risk. After all, the number they produce is not enough to be available anywhere in the world. The Astrazenka vaccine has also fallen behind, and if it is approved soon, the number of vaccines in the world will increase.

“The world believes that even if the vaccine is 60 to 70 percent useful, it should be injected,” he said. So vaccines for weakened and killed viruses provide as much as 60 to 70 percent immunity, and all epidemiologists around the world believe that any vaccine is safe to inject. Of course, the timing of the immunity is still unclear. According to the articles, they believe that the immunity period may be more than one year and they may give immunity for up to three years, or that the vaccine should be given at least once a year, like the flu.

Iranian corona vaccine method

Mehrz stated: The Iranian corona vaccine has been killed and weakened based on the virus method, and this type of vaccine also gives good immunity. In the world, vaccines produced in this way provide over 70% and maybe up to 90% immunity, which is enough for society.

Where should candidates for the human corona vaccine test go?

Regarding how to register people who want to participate in the human test of the corona vaccine, he said: “The institution that performs this action is affiliated with the executive staff of Imam Khomeini (as) who must refer to this institution and if it has the necessary conditions.” Are selected. All tests written in the protocol are performed on them, they are thoroughly examined, and if they qualify, they are vaccinated.

Mehrz also said: “In the first phase, after the first injection of the vaccine, the antibodies of the people are checked once to see how much the amount of antibodies increases.” After two weeks, a second injection is given and the tests are done again. All of this is exactly what the protocol says.

He emphasized: “God willing, we will start the human test from the first week of January onwards.”