Congratulations on the beginning of the twenty-fifth year of Postbank activity

According to IBNA, quoting the public relations of Post Bank of Iran: The text of his message is as follows;

In the name of God

The first of December in the calendar of the history of Iran Post Bank is a reminder of a covenant that, with the support of knowledge and expertise in the shadow of honesty, tact and innovation, hoped for the development of Iranabad.
Now, in comparison with the first day of winter, which has passed through the highest darkness of the night of the year, and the eye is shining with the whiteness of snow to cover the withering of autumn and to water the ground to welcome the lush and fruitful spring; As twenty-four years ago, we, the bright future of Yalda, by being together and sincerely squeezing the hands of cooperation and effort, warm our hearts to diligence and service so that we can relieve the hard and cold economic days in the hope of shining sunshine of prosperity and opening of businesses. Let’s leave it behind.
Now, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the post-bank activity of Iran as the top state-owned bank as a fortune-teller on the night of Yalda, and while congratulating my dear colleagues, esteemed shareholders and dear customers, we thank the Almighty for always uninterrupted activity for a quarter of a century. We put diligence and trust at the forefront of our covenant to walk the peaks of experience and hope to leave a bright horizon for the future.

Behzad Shiri
Managing Director of Post Bank of Iran