Congratulations to the CEO of “Ma” Insurance on the occasion of the year one thousand four hundred

Dear friends

On the eve of the new century, I am proud to celebrate the ancient holiday of Nowruz in 1400 AD, which coincides with the birth of the savior of the human world, Hazrat Mahdi (as) to all our dear compatriots and especially to all insurers and insured Congratulations to the representatives and agents, employees, esteemed members of the Board of Directors, shareholders and all families, and I wish the Almighty God a year full of health, victory, and goodness and blessings.

In the past year, “Ma” Insurance Company, at the end of nearly a decade of its activity, has achieved significant and significant achievements in all fields, and with good performance in the field of insurance, financial transparency, providing a secure and appropriate technology infrastructure , Nurturing employees of the insurance industry brand, favorable return on investment and gaining honors in various fields, while maintaining the level of wealth, has become a reliable, reliable and dynamic company in the insurance industry and at the beginning of the new century, our insurance company plans It has started its transformation in order to respond to the changing needs of the society, according to the strategic plan of the company (1404-1400) and it is hoped that by relying on God Almighty, the support of the esteemed members of the board, the effort, effort and perseverance of the staff and The company’s sales network will achieve significant achievements at the end of the third five-year development plan of the company and create unparalleled values ​​for all stakeholders, especially customers and shareholders of our insurance company. Here, I would like to thank and appreciate the efforts and efforts of all employees as well as the former managers of the company who have been effective in achieving these successes, as well as the unwavering support of Bank Mellat and other shareholders in achieving these successes.

Although in the last year of the century, due to the epidemic of Corona virus and its adverse consequences, our dear compatriots went through difficult days and we lost many loved ones and faces with regret, but along with all that we have learned, we learned. That:

As always, we in the insurance industry can be the beauty, the beauty of our compatriots in difficult times.

How to live better together, better understand each other and understand the value of all the toilers, especially the health jihadists.

The future is constructive, and we must demonstrate our abilities and skills to implement the best scenarios.

All our action and our privilege in the industry, add more value to all stakeholders, especially our customers.

Despite all the difficulties, we can be at the forefront of economic prosperity and production.

With each learning, the beauty of the world around us becomes more beautiful.

And we learned that love is the only reason to live, to be kind, to love and to be loved.

Hojjat Baharifar – Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of “Ma” Insurance Company