Congratulatory message from Dr. Ahmadi, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Provinces, on the occasion of the year 1400 AH

The congratulatory message of Dr. Alireza Ahmadi, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Provinces, reads:

Or the heart of hearts and visions

Or the master of the night and the day

Or the transfer of circumstances

Around us to the best of times

The beginning of the year 1400 AH, which has been named by the Supreme Leader as production, support, dismantling, to serve all my dear compatriots, the honorable nation of Islamic Iran, as well as my dear colleagues in the Islamic councils of cities and villages in all parts of the country. The country is serving the dear people of Islamic Iran. Congratulations.

The year 1400 AH is beginning in such a way that from the beginning of it, goodness and blessings have been flowing. We are in the month of Sha’ban, which coincides with the ninth of Farvardin, the month of Sha’ban, and the birthday of Imam al-Zaman (as).

I ask the Imam of the Age (pbuh) to pray for us so that we can have increasing success in our lives and in advancing the goals of the holy system of the Islamic Republic and successive victories against the enemies of Islam. .

We are facing a crucial election this year. In this election; We are facing the elections of Islamic councils of cities and villages, the presidential elections, the elections of leadership experts and the mid-term elections of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

We should not neglect to determine our own destiny. Do we care about people who are expatriates and are opposed to the holy system of the Islamic Republic and are against the holy system of the Islamic Republic? We have to decide our own destiny.

Do not underestimate the faithful, revolutionary and efficient youth of the villages. The young people who live in the villages must enter the arena of elections and decide the fate of their village in a way that will bring development and prosperity to the country.

The poor performance of some managers, some members of town and village councils and some city managers is unacceptable. It cannot be said that managers are not weak. It’s our choice. The Supreme Leader has repeatedly stressed that people should not be indifferent to their own destiny.

His Holiness has repeatedly emphasized that managers should not neglect honest service. People today, if they see that a manager has not been able to serve the good people, the source of it goes back to the votes we cast at the ballot box, and we must vote for the right people in the upcoming elections, and people enter the field of management who are sympathetic to the people.

We must remember that the positions we have today are due to the blood of the martyrs who were martyred before the revolution, during the holy defense and after it in defense of the sanctity of the Ahl al-Bayt. These issues should not be neglected.

We will all die one day and must be held accountable for our actions. If we neglect our destiny today, we must be accountable to future generations tomorrow, as well as to our deeds before God Almighty and the Messenger of God.

In the new year, we ask God Almighty to be around the present to the best. God Almighty will answer our prayers and the answer to our prayers will be that we take care of ourselves and our effort will be to hold a passionate and effective election in our beloved country of Islamic Iran, so that we can all succeed in this path. Let’s confirm.

Peace be upon you and may God have mercy on you and bless you