Congratulatory message from the CEO of Rostami Iron and Steel Industries Company on the occasion of the New Year

Engineer Ali Rostami, CEO of Rostami Iron and Steel Industries Company in a message congratulated the auspicious Eid of 1400 New Year.

The text of Engineer Rostami’s message reads:

In the name of the spring of life and the world

From where my friend comes, the breeze of Nowruz wind

Ask this wind to help light up your heart


We congratulate Iranians all over the world on the auspicious holiday of Nowruz and the beginning of the new year in the pleasant spring of nature, and we take a good omen of the blessed symmetry of the joyful days of Nowruz with the Eid al-Fitr.

Due to the oppressive US sanctions and their severe consequences on the economic and social situation, as well as the continuing epidemic of coronary heart disease, we went through years and hard times to see various sufferings and injuries, including hardship and deprivation of our families and noble people. And we lost some loved ones. The place of our dear travelers and dear friends is empty next to the green table of the seventh week. We cherish their memory and ask God for mercy and forgiveness for them. We also sincerely thank the dedicated medical staff who shone at the forefront of the health front.

Engineer Ali Rostami