Congratulatory message from the Commander of the Corona Combat Operations Base on the anniversary of Nurse’s Day

According to Borna, the full text of the message of Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, Commander of the Corona Anti-Corruption Operations Base and Minister of Interior on the occasion of Nurse’s Day, is as follows:

In the name of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The anniversary of the birth of the messenger of the Hosseini movement, Hazrat Zeinab Kobra, peace be upon him, after whom the virtuous lady, nurse and mourner of the survivors of the Karbala caravan has been named as Nurse’s Day, is a great opportunity to congratulate and congratulate this auspicious child. Respect for the unique and unrepeatable position of the family of Atrat to all believers and especially health advocates, to appreciate the selfless and indescribable efforts of the nursing community of the country.

Nursing, which is one of the most valuable professions and services in various societies, found a rich meaning in the Islamic society and in the light of religious thought, and manifested a manifestation of God’s mercy during the events of the Islamic Revolution. He offered a unique example of self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice to human society.

The revitalizing role of nurses in society, which has always been respected since that glorious era, has become more apparent in recent months as the country faces a crisis of coronary heart disease, reviving the memory of the days of epic creation.

The self-sacrifice of the country’s nursing staff in the height of difficulties and serious conditions caused by this evil virus, who rose sincerely and with praiseworthy courage in the field of fighting Corona, reached the throne once again and with the martyrdom of a number of dear nurses In the past, the steadfastness of the Iranian nursing community on its professional and moral mission was recorded in the glorious history of the Iranian nation, and a true testimony to the loyalty of the Iranian nursing community to its pure covenant with God and the people.

Greetings to the pure and radiant souls of the martyrs of the healing community of the country; In particular, the martyred nurses and the protection of their names and memories, I pay tribute to each of the nurses’ brothers and sisters throughout the country, and while congratulating the nurses on the day, I ask God Almighty for the health and happiness of all these loved ones.

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli / Commander of Corona Anti-Corruption Base