Congratulatory message from the President of the Association of Private Banks and the CEO of Parsian Bank

The text of Dr. Kourosh Parvizian’s message is as follows:

Name of God
Nurses are a symbol of love and self-sacrifice.

Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) has been called the embodiment and symbol of beautiful patience, who was in charge of caring for the sick, nursing the children, and caravanning a caravan that was suffering.
Naming the Nurse’s Day in symmetry with the birth of Hazrat Zeinab Kobra (PBUH) is a sign of holiness, honor and high character of men and women with the effort to follow the example of the religious teachings of that great lady of Islam. Have hit. Today, the nurses and health staff of our country, by establishing this unique model, have shown an example of patience in the path of the country’s health care system.
The proud bravery and sacrifices of nurses and health professionals in caring for patients with coronary artery are a repetition of the manifestations of self-sacrifice that we have seen years ago during the eight years of sacred defense, and it is a great honor for the health community.
On behalf of the family of the private banking network, while appreciating the efforts and courage of nurses and health defenders and expressing sympathy with the families of health martyrs, happy birth and happiness of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) and Nurse’s Day to the dear nurses and family Congratulations to him as well as to my valued customers, shareholders and valued colleagues.