Conservative program for Tehran City Council

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting Mehr, Mehdi Chamran, vice-chairman of the Revolutionary Forces Coalition Council, referring to the council elections and the registration of candidates for the coalition, said: The Coalition Council has not yet entered into the issue of council elections.

Chamran said: “We have worked on the structure of selecting candidates for councils and we are going to decide through voting in the general assembly, so certain people have not been considered by the coalition council in the council elections yet.”

He added: 15 people are to be selected from among the experts in the urban field, so that these people can sit down with the representatives of the coalition council, classes and parties and review and increase the capacity of the councils three times.

The Vice President of the Coalition Council of the Revolutionary Forces said: “A group of urban experts, parties, strata and the Coalition Council will examine the people who were nominated for council elections and will introduce them to the General Assembly of the Coalition Council.”

Chamran emphasized: After the formation of the Tehran City General Assembly, people will be introduced to participate in the list of the Tehran City Council, and after that, the process of reviewing the cases will begin to compile and compile the list of council elections.

He said that the Coalition Council has not done any special work in identifying the people for the list of Tehran City Council, adding: “Currently, some people introduced themselves to the Coalition Council, while others registered to introduce themselves later.”