Construction of a new port in Makran with a capacity of 150 million tons

According to Eqtesadonline, Mohammad Rastad stated in the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ports Organization: Since the end of last year, the Ports Organization has considered significant support mechanisms to minimize the effects of the outbreak of Corona virus on port and maritime activities.

The Director General of the Ports and Maritime Organization stated: This issue has included shipping lines, port operators and private sector investors in the form of tariffs and special support in ports and is still ongoing.

He added: “The Ports Authority has put a variety of measures on the agenda to ensure that stakeholders and people related to the port and maritime areas suffer the least effects and consequences of crises such as sanctions and the corona.”
The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, noting that the evaluation of the contracts of operators and investors is still on the agenda of the Ports and Maritime Organization, said: “If necessary, the Ports and Maritime Organization will fulfill its responsibility towards the maritime transport industry.” And provides the conditions for the activity and survival of investors and operators in the field of port and sea.
Rastad added: “Currently, the approval of several important documents is on the agenda of the Ports and Maritime Organization, the comprehensive plan for small ports, which is defined for a 15-year horizon in three phases of 5 years and will be finalized by the end of the year.” The plan of all activities is program-oriented and demand-oriented will have no place for development.
Referring to another important action of the Ports and Maritime Organization, he said: “Another case is the comprehensive plan of the main commercial ports of the country with the horizon of 1404 and will help in the future to allocate resources in full accordance with the projects specified in the master plan and for four years.” Remaining by year, projects in the field of infrastructure, equipment and superstructures are designated.
Referring to the forecast of the country’s maritime trade at least up to the horizon of 1411, Rastad said: “It seems that based on estimates, assuming an average annual economic growth of 5%, the Ports and Maritime Organization should take an important and big step in a decade and capacity.” The country’s commercial ports will increase from about 300 million tons to 600 million tons.
He said: “The most important step in this regard will be the creation of a new port on the shores of Makran, with a capacity of 150 to 200 million tons. The Ports Organization should put the construction of this port on the shores of Makran on the agenda after the 1404 master plan.”
The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development also pointed to the important and strategic step of the Ports Organization to develop investment in the country’s ports, especially Shahid Rajaei Port, said: Implement the ports of Imam Khomeini and Amirabad in Shahid Rajaei port to attract manufacturing industries and added value.