Consumer Protection Organization: Replace fish with fish

According to Eqtesadnews, quoted by ISNA, Mehrdad Izadi in a TV program on the issue of whether the current mechanism is sufficient to protect the consumer or not, and whether we should go to the revival of the Ministry of Commerce to control the rampant increase in commodity prices? He stated: The main problem of increasing the price of chicken was that the raw materials were not supplied on time and the reason was the lack of a clear structure for the supply of raw materials and the duality in this field, as well as problems in providing currency, which ultimately caused losses to the production unit. شد. Therefore, it seems necessary to focus on the country’s commercial sector.

He said that if a body in charge of imports and markets is discussed, that body will be responsible, will have a law and will be accountable, he said: Therefore, the government as an executive body sees the need to create a device with this focus, which is necessarily the same device It is not the previous one, and given the new economic conditions, this ministry must be smart and with a new structure.

Izadi went on to answer whether systems such as the comprehensive trade system that have been created so far in this field have come to fruition or not? He stated: The problem is not only in one part and we can not say that the problem can be solved only by creating a system. To solve problems, we must consider different dimensions. For example, the question arises as to whether there is room for poultry in the country, while the tree is supplied through imports? It was a strategic mistake that once a chicken production unit was created but on the other hand we have to import grain.

He added: “On the other hand, culture has been created in such a way that people eat all chicken, while it can use fish, which has a much higher nutritional value than chicken.” So a policy change and a strategic change are needed.

“This is not in the hands of the protection organization, but if there is a clear and coherent structure such as the Ministry of Commerce, it can take over the task of providing and part of the authority of other agencies,” the official said, noting that the monopoly on the import of livestock inputs was wrong. And does not allow rent to be created by focusing on the import sector.

He also pointed out the need to change some laws: for example, in recent years we have repeatedly stated that the amount of fines for trade union offenders is very small.

It is worth mentioning that in this program, Mojtaba Rezakhah, a member of the Parliamentary Program and Budget Commission, expressed his opposition to the revival of the Ministry of Commerce.

According to ISNA, these statements are made while according to the announcement of the National Union of Meat Poultry Farmers last year, there are more than 20,000 poultry units in the country.

Also, according to the latest price list of Tarehbar fruit fields at the end of November, the price of fresh trout in the fields is 42 thousand Tomans per kilogram based on the price list.

Since the beginning of December, the price of each kilo of hot chicken in retail stores in Tehran has reached more than 30,000 Tomans. Meanwhile, at the end of October, the Tehran Province Market Regulation Working Group had approved the price of 20,400 tomans per kilogram of hot chicken. Finally, with the supply of market-regulated chicken from the beginning of last week, the price of chicken in retail stores in Tehran reached 22 to 24 thousand and 900 Tomans.