Continuation of the growth path in 1400

According to Shaman News, quoting the public relations of Karafarin Bank, we passed the year 1398 while we were facing unpredictable challenges and problems at different times. The outbreak of coronary heart disease directly affected the activities of financial institutions and businesses around the world, some of which fell into the abyss of losses and did not appear in accordance with their predetermined goals and plans. In the meantime, however, some online businesses have turned constraints, challenges, and problems into opportunities and experienced good profitability during this time.

Despite the problems that the country’s economy and consequently the banks have witnessed in recent years, Karafarin Bank, with the grace and care of God Almighty and the help of all colleagues, had many successes and experienced a year full of success.

Last year, Karafarin Bank put development strategies and programs on its agenda in all sectors, and fortunately, with the courage and efforts of each of its colleagues in the line and headquarters sectors, it achieved a brilliant and considerable record in the growth of important indicators. Significant growth in deposits, facilities, issuance of guarantees and letters of credit, etc. is part of the positive performance of the bank, which ultimately led to an increase in net profit of the bank.

Undoubtedly, this achievement and this brilliant record has been made possible by the double empathy and support of all our dear colleagues, esteemed shareholders and esteemed customers. With God’s help, it is hoped that the path of development, perfection and growth of Karafarin Bank in 1400, like this year, will continue with more strength and power, while observing all legal and professional principles and standards in the country’s banking industry.

be successful and victorious.