Continuation of the night traffic ban from 21:00

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting the Journalists’ Club, Col. Ahmad Shirani, head of the Traffic Police Information and Control Center of Rahvar Naja Police, stated: One hour compared to the days of the previous week was performed well with the cooperation and support of the people, and the citizens in the cities planned their trips in such a way that they returned home before 20:00.

He continued: “The change in the time of implementation of the plan for night traffic restrictions in the last two days caused the return trips and the evening traffic load to be formed earlier, and instead of starting from about 16:00 to 14:00, it was changed.”

Colonel Shirani added: “As of today, the traffic of private cars is prohibited from 9 pm to 4 am in the cities of the Orange Group, and also the entry of non-native license plates and the departure of native license plates from the cities of the Orange Group is prohibited.”

The head of the Rahoor Naja Police Traffic Information and Control Center said: “This plan will continue until further notice, and any change in the situation will be announced after the meetings of the National Corona Headquarters. Violation is recorded by recording cameras and fines are issued.