Controversial claim of the Italian site about Majid Hosseini

The Italian website “Claudoria 64” in a report has mentioned the possibility that Sampdoria club will start working to attract Majid Hosseini after announcing the non-renewal of the Iranian player’s contract with Trabzon Sporne.

According to this site; Hosseini, who was also on Sampdoria’s list of wanted players last summer, may be reconsidered by the Genoa blue-shirted team after being ruled out of the Turkish team. The reason for losing the quota of European competitions last season will most likely force the club to wait until the end of 2021 to attract the Iranian defender of Trabzon.

Hosseini was a player that Sampdoria considered as a potential replacement for Omar Gypsy. Gypsy had even reached an agreement with English club Fulham and the transfer of the Gambian defender to the English Premier League seemed certain, but the lack of a work visa for this player prevented his transfer.

The Doria 24 club website further writes that Hosseini may not leave Turkey despite his unwillingness to extend his contract with Trabzon, as the officials of the Istanbul Basak‌şehir club are also interested in attracting him.