Controversial incident in Tabriz / Haj Safi terminates his contract with Traktor?

Ehsan Hajosafi, with 4 months left on his contract with Traktor, intends to leave this team and join Sepahan. Haj Sasefi has made this decision while Rasoul Khatibi is against the loss of this player, but on the other hand, if Haj Sasefi leaves the tractor at the end of the season, the Tabrizi whites will not benefit financially. The wealthy owner of Traktor, who also has a business background in football, is never willing to lose Hajjafi without financial gain. The news received from Tabriz, however, indicates that Haj Safi is seeking the unilateral termination of his contract. The player has apparently not been paid for two months, and under these conditions, FIFA rules allow him to terminate his contract unilaterally. Of course, Hajousefi must first submit a written letter to the club to pay his salary, and if he does not receive his salary within 2 weeks after writing the letter, he must take action to terminate the contract.

One of Haj Safi’s teammates in Traktor told Hamshahri that he no longer likes to follow his football in Tabriz. Hajosafi has now decided to wear the Sepahan shirt in a situation where this team is one of the serious contenders for the championship, and naturally this player does not want to easily miss the opportunity to win the Premier League. If the attempt to terminate the contract unilaterally does not work, then Hajosafi must convince the Traktor club to separate, and in the meantime, exchanging players is another solution to finally bring Hajjosafi to Isfahan. In recent days, there have been reports that Hajjosafi may be exchanged for two Sepahan players.

Now that the issue of Hajsefi’s separation from Traktor has been raised, two clubs, Esteghlal and Golgohar, have also tried to attract this player, but Hajousefi’s relatives say that the first priority of this player is to be in Sepahan. Following Hajsefi’s return from Greek football, there has always been talk of him joining the club where he grew up in the academy, but the player’s three-year contract with Traktor prevented him from returning to half the world; An incident that even upset Sepahan fans. Now, maybe this player will make the fans of this team happy by being in Sepahan.