Controversial marriage of Ehsan Alikhani and Leila Otadi ?! + Photos

According to reports Badge news site :

Ehsan Alikhani He was born on November 6, 1979 in Tehran and lives on Heravi Street. He has two sisters and a brother and is the last child in the family.Ehsan Alikhani He first appeared in front of the camera as a presenter on the TV show “Irony Boys” and after appearing on “Tide”, he became a figure with the honeymoon program.Ehsan Alikhani He is currently working on television as a director, producer and host of a talent show called The New Age.Ehsan Alikhani Once on the honeymoon program, he sympathized with the guest of the program, who was the child of divorce, and stated that he had grown up without a father, and it was understood that he was also the child of divorce. Ehsan himself is not married and is single.Ehsan Alikhani The famous TV presenter, who has programs such as Honeymoon and New Age in his work record, has become a hot topic in cyberspace these days with a photo of Ehsan Alikhani before a hair transplant.

Execution and planning by Ehsan Alikhani

  • The New Age of “Program Host and Producer” (Channel 3)
  • New Age Studio “Host and Producer” (Channel 3)
  • The new era hashtag “host and producer” (Channel 3)
  • The New Age of “Program Host and Producer” (Special Program for Delivery in 2009, Network 3)
  • New Age Documentary “Documentary Director, Producer and Director” (Channel 3)
  • Orange Spring “Program Host and Producer” (Special Delivery Program for 1397 Network 3)
  • Film producer (no date, no signature) – 2016
  • Honeymoon (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)[۱۸]
  • Designer, producer and presenter of the honeymoon program (especially the Ramadan program of Channel 3), 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017[۱۹]، ۱۳۹۷
  • Three stars “Host and producer of the program” (special program for selecting the best TV in the years 1393, 1695, 1396 from the people’s point of view)
  • Three Stars (2014)
  • Producer and special executor of the delivery program of Channel 3 from 2008 to 2009
  • Behind the Scenes (2012, 2013)
  • Orange Spring (Special Delivery Program for 2015)
  • Two halves of an apple (1390, 1391, 1392)
  • Tide (2005, 2006)
  • The morning came (2004)
  • Good morning Iran
  • Irony Boys (Summer 2004)
  • Peaks of Pride
  • Mehrvarzan Club
  • Producer of Confidential Programs – Baron Perfume – Like Nobody – High Light – Please See
  • Director of Sheikh Baha’i Documents – Isfahan Physics Olympiad
  • Directing 2 anniversaries of Channel 3
  • Directing 2 periods of the celebration of the hero of heroes

Ehsan Alikhani

Ehsan Alikhani Awards

1398 Hamshahri Javan, the face of the year 1998 of Iran TV from the point of view of the audience

1398 Radio and TV, the most popular TV presenter

1397 Jam Jam TV Festival The best TV presenter

1397 Radio and TV is the best presenter of delivery programs of the year

2017 The 17th celebration of Hafez, the best TV personality

2013 The third Jam Jam TV Festival, the best presenter of talk shows

Controversial post by Ehsan Alikhani

Alikhani wrote: I told you: If you are a liar, I will end … you will disappoint me, I will die … you were both a liar and you disappointed me, I ended but I did not die ,,, I cried, I cried, I took pills, I got sick, I died I failed but I did not die ,,,

He shouted up, said: Get up, I am, whatever happens I am, do not be afraid, get up … I got up, it was hard but I got up, with blurred eyes, with trembling hands, with constant dizziness, with Tired legs, with artificial laughter to people, with a strong suit to my body … 2 days have passed and I became friends with the wound you inflicted with the pain you gave me, I even love them because I have a friend from you … / پندار آنلاین

Ehsan Alikhani

The secret of Ehsan Alikhani staying single

Ehsan Alikhani hosted a middle-aged bride and groom in a honeymoon program, in which Ehsan Alikhani revealed the secret of being single.

After the decor was unveiled, a middle-aged couple, along with six other guests, took their place in the “honeymoon” galactic frame.

The middle-aged couple, aged 1 and 7, lived in love for seventy-two years.

The middle-aged couple considered the key to the success of their life together during these 4 years, love without pollution and rituals, and came to the program with their son and grandson. Another important point is that the mother graduated from the University of Tehran at the age of six.

The next guest was a 4-year-old mountaineer who had conquered many peaks such as Damavand and Ararat.

The other honeymoon guest was a 4-year-old man with his two grandchildren, a middle-aged man with two bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and educational sciences still studying law.

One of his grandchildren was studying medicine and the other had a diploma. Alikhani said to his grandson who had a diploma: “Having such a grandfather, why didn’t you continue your studies? You learned a little from him. The old man’s grandson was a little silent against Alikhani’s words and then added: I had to work because of my father To. Alikhani was shocked by the guest’s words and said embarrassed: “You gave me a tooth-breaking answer.”

After the broadcast of an item from the wedding party of a couple of 2 and 4 years old, the next guests were identified, the couple appeared on the honeymoon stage with some of their grandchildren and children. About a month had passed since the middle-aged couple got married.

The 8-year-old mother, who had a beautiful expression in the nature of poetry, began to read a few verses of love poetry. Then Alikhani asked him, “Are you reading this poem to your wife?” “No, I will sing for you,” he said. Alikhani, who may have been thinking about the feedback after this, nodded and said with a smile.

Then one of the guests asked Alikhani: Why don’t you get married? Alikhani replied: “We are busy with work. Of course, after seeing these nobles, we realized that we have the opportunity to get married until the age of 7.”

Ehsan Alikhani and his wife ?!

Ehsan Alikhani

The publication of several photos of Alikhani with his artists and fans has spread the rumor of his marriage, which is not true, and the 38-year-old presenter is still single.

The story of a girl proposing to Ehsan Alikhani

Ehsan Alikhani, a well-known TV presenter, had a live on his Instagram page, in which a woman proposed to him and said: “Come and get me”. This issue was brought to the attention of users.