Controversial photo of Ehsan Alikhani at the party / Alikhani got married + photo and biography

Ehsan Alikhani was born on November 6, 1979. Ehsan Alikhani was born in Tehran. Ehsan Alikhani lives in Heravi Street. Ehsan Alikhani is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Tehran Ehsan Alikhani He has 2 sisters and a brother and he is the last child of the family.

His mother is a retired nurse and says he is her best friend. During school, he was a devil, and to control his mischief, the school principal made him a class observer. During high school, he played for 1 year in the youth team of Persepolis and 1 year for Saipa, and due to 3 broken legs, he could no longer play on the grass and went to futsal and tennis.

Ehsan Alikhani

Marriage of Ehsan Alikhani

Recently, in the rumored cyberspace, Ehsan Alikhani, the host of famous programs such as Honeymoon and New Age, has married Leila Otadi, a film and television actress.

Recently, it has been rumored in cyberspace that Ehsan Alikhani, the host of famous programs such as Honeymoon and New Age, has married Leila Otadi, a film and television actress. This rumor is not true at all, and profiteers who are trying to destroy the country’s artistic figures. They made and spread the rumor. Meanwhile, Ehsan Alikhani and Leila Otadi have not confirmed or denied this news

Ehsan Alikhani

He has organized celebrations and school ceremonies in high school and theater performances. In 2000, he entered the University of Tehran with a rank of 770 in the field of business management. In 1979, he entered the field of art as an assistant director in serials and movies, such as Unknown Cases – Blue Paradise – Seven Songs.

Seeing Javad Yahyawi’s performance, he became interested in the performance. His first live program was in 2001. He has performed such as “Sobh Amad” and “Honeymoon”. In 1981, he entered Channel 1 as an item director, and in 1982, he accidentally went in front of the camera and started performing.

Ehsan Alikhani in the special program of the year

Ehsan Alikhani

Ehsan Alikhani aired the special program of the year of delivery 94 entitled “Orange Spring” on the antenna of the third channel of Sima. In this special program, Ehsan Alikhani hosted famous figures in the field of art and sports.

Ehsan Alikhani, as in previous years, was the guest of the third channel of Sima and the audience houses with a special honeymoon program. Honeymoon 94 promises more charm and novelty in the series of honeymoon programs by changing the decor as well as the way of inviting guests.

Ehsan Alikhani in the honeymoon

Ehsan Alikhani

Honeymoon is the name of a live program that was broadcast every day during the month of Ramadan on Channel 3 of the Islamic Republic of Iran TV. Before Ramadan 2012, Ehsan Alikhani was in charge of preparing and performing this program. Even in 1987, Farzad Hassani was the host of this program, but in 1991, the producer of this program, Majid Yousefi, and the host of this program, Ali Zia, were elected. The theme of this program is in social format. The guests of this program can be from any stratum, including: disabled, poet, elite, etc. In 1992, the implementation of this program was again entrusted to Ehsan Alikhani, and this was repeated in 1993.

Ehsan Alikhani, the host of the New Age contest

Ehsan Alikhani

In 1398, Alikhani was in charge of conducting a new age talent competition. Roya Nonhali, Arya Azimi Nejad, Seyed Bashir Hosseini and Amin Hayaei are the judges of the New Age competition and Ehsan Alikhani is present as the presenter in this program.

Execution and programming by Ehsan Alikhani:

Ehsan Alikhani

The New Age of “Program Host and Producer” (Channel 3)

The new era of “host and producer” (special program for the year of delivery 1398, Network 3)

Bahar Naranj “Host and producer of the program” (Special program for the year of delivery 1397 Network 3)

Producer of a movie (no date, no signature) – 2016

Honeymoon (1386 ٬ 1387 ٬ 1388 ٬ 1390 ٬ 1392 ٬ 1393 ٬ 1394 ٬ 1395 ٬ 1396 ٬ 1397)

Designer, producer and host of honeymoon program (special Ramadan program of Channel 3) 1392 92 1393 ٬ 1394 ٬ 1395 ٬ 1396 ٬ 1397

Ehsan Alikhani

Three stars “host and producer of the program” (special program for selecting the best TV in 1394 ٬ 1395 ٬ 1396 from the people’s point of view)

Three Stars (1393)

Producer and special executor of the delivery program of Channel 3 from 2008 to 2017

Behind the Scenes (1392 91 1392)

Ehsan Alikhani

Orange Spring (special delivery program for 1394)

Two halves of an apple (1391 ٬ 1391 ٬ 1392)

Tide (1385 ٬ 1385)

The morning came (1383)

Good morning Iran

Ehsan Alikhani

Irony Boys (Summer 2004)

Peaks of Pride

Mehrvarzan Club

Producer of Confidential Programs – Baron Perfume – Like Nobody – High Light – Please note

Ehsan Alikhani

Director of Sheikh Baha’i Documents – Isfahan Physics Olympiad

Directing 2 season celebrations of Channel 3

Directed 2 episodes of Heroes of Heroes Celebration