Coordinated, accurate, safe and planned operation by Fajr men to maintain production stability

Fajr Persian Gulf Energy Company is responsible for providing vital services to companies located in the Petrochemical Special Zone; One of the most important services that have a significant impact on the production stability of the region’s complexes is electricity and steam, which are provided by the company’s power plants.

Maintaining the stability of power plant production to supply electricity and steam depends on gas; Gas is the main feedstock of the power plant and diesel is also used as an alternative fuel along with gas, which is used in case of emergency.

Gas stations in Fajr have the role of purifying and controlling gas pressure, and these stations send the gas to the power plant after adjusting the gas pressure and purifying it.

The need for periodic visits to the only existing knockout drum and the need to use high-consumption diesel at the time of visits led to a decrease in production reliability and an increase in the cost of the product. August presented another drama in this unit.

The design and construction of the second knockout drum was done by capable domestic companies. After that, the gas branch was installed in the gas pressure mode, but it was necessary to install the first drum outlet of the isolated valve in order to perform periodic visits to this knockout drum, which was one of the goals of this project, so this project is planned. And was executed.

The planning for the installation of the industrial valve of this tank was set in such a way that it coincided with the overhaul of one of the largest consumers of steam in order to reduce the consumption of diesel.

Repair, safety, technical services, security, instrumentation and operation units in this difficult and tedious operation and in the conditions of corona outbreak and critical situation in the region were able to successfully install this industrial valve in the gas inlet route to the power plant.

The installation of this industrial valve has been very effective and critical due to the sensitivity of this equipment in the production of all complexes in the region; This industrial valve is installed in only 14 hours and observing all safety, security and repair points

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