Coriander and its amazing effect on skin rejuvenation

With age, the issue of skin rejuvenation is raised. Different methods for Rejuvenation There is skin. Sometimes the role of diet in skin rejuvenation is emphasized. And sometimes medical centers do the main job of rejuvenating the skin. The newest and strangest way to rejuvenate the skin is to use coriander.

If you’ve heard of snails taking painkillers, add that scientists have been able to extract substances from the crown, the same roosters that have dragged people out of bed all morning by crowing, that can be folded and folded. Smooth out skin wrinkles; Wrinkles that appear on the skin of all people due to aging. Researchers say the coriander contains large amounts of connective tissue;

The same thing that loosens and sags in the skin, causing wrinkles.

The Swiss researchers, who published their report in the December issue of the journal plos medicine, tested the extract on six patients with an average age of 75 years and observed its positive effects after one month of use, without any side effects. Leave.

Source: May Show