Corona disaster on cinema and loss of 290 billion Tomans

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, although the spread of Corona began in Iran in 2009, but its deadly impact on various jobs in 1399. Cinema is one of the jobs and industries in the world that has been hit hard by the pandemic, and this blow to cinema in our country is more harmful for many reasons, and despite the general fear of the corona has decreased after a year, cinema is still a part-time job. It is considered, because despite the openness of cinemas, the attendance rate is very low.

Last year, cinemas were closed for more than six months, and on the opening days, the films did not sell well.

According to the information published on the website of the Cinema Organization based on the SAMFA system, in 1999, the release list included the screening of 89 films in the public, art, experience and foreign groups, as well as several films such as “Aine Beghal” and “Six and a Half Meters”. They were released on a limited basis from previous years.

The screening report of the Cinema Organization was announced based on the number of audiences (Tehran / non-Tehran and total), total sales and theatrical group, and “Butterfly Swimming” had the most viewers with 200338. The total number of films has more than 670,000 viewers, and finally the total sales of cinemas last year to about 10 billion tomans it is arrived.

Since the cinema revenue in 1398 with the release of about 70 films close to 300 billion tomans At that time, many people did not consider it a high figure, but now it has decreased by 290 billion tomans to 10 billion tomans. Bankruptcy of cinema requires more and more principled solutions.