Corona goes to Chamoshi

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Saeed Namaki stated in the conference on the latest status of the management and control plan of the Covid 19 epidemic in a neighborhood and family-centered manner (Sardar Shahid Soleimani plan), which was held in the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. “In addition to sanctions, we also have a kind of media malice,” he said. Until a great achievement is created in our country, immediately roundtables, panels and discussions are formed in the foreign and hostile media that want to create suspicion in the people, but the people see with their own eyes that the hospital beds are empty. And mortality is reduced.

The Minister of Health stated that, unfortunately, foreign and hostile media are skeptical and use all their media power to destroy the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Of course, this is not their habit today. Our guilt is that we want to stand on our own two feet, make masks, protective equipment, vaccines and medicine, and we do not want you to give them to them. What have we done to you that you are so evil and oppress us?

He said: “In one of the countries around us, the daily mortality rate of patients is 4 and 12 new patients are announced, but on the other hand, they ask for help from other countries.” I witness to God that Iran announces the clearest numbers to the world and there is no secret in announcing the statistics to the people, but at the peak of honor and achievement, they make the most severe media attacks on us, and unfortunately Factors from inside the country, knowingly or unknowingly, are playing in the enemy’s field, and with unscientific analysis, they are skeptical of the trumpet, and unfortunately, our colleagues are being stabbed in the back.

The Minister of Health emphasized: We honor the name and memory of the martyr Sardar Rashid Islam, Haj Qasem Soleimani, whose martyrdom is approaching the anniversary, and we are happy that the fourth step of the national mobilization against the corona in the country has been decorated with the name of this dear martyr.

He added: “We appreciate the support, empathy and harmony of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij, who were with the Ministry of Health and the Health System not today but from the first days of Corona’s arrival in the country.” In the first difficult days when we were in Corona, Sardar Salami, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards, announced that we are with you and do not think that you are alone at all. Despite all this honesty, I felt kindness and harmony from the first moments of the corona outbreak in the country.

The Minister of Health pointed out: I told Sardar Salami that our actions are obvious, but many of the actions that the armed forces and the IRGC are taking to preserve national dignity are invisible, and I send greetings to all the martyrs of the sanctuary, sanctuary and health of the country. The land of love tried and was martyred.

“In very difficult conditions in the country, we got the corona virus and we were a country at the height of economic hardship,” Namaki said. I do not know a year more difficult than this year in terms of currency and rials, and the injustices that a madman did in the international arena to the whole world, especially to Iran, I do not think after the tragic event of Ashura, no nation like Iran is so trapped Be located.

He continued: “In a situation where Iran was under severe siege, we wanted to import masks and equipment to protect health defenders, but it was severely opposed and we were grounded at various airports and our colleagues were left without shields.” And the defense against the virus was set on fire, and it was very sad for me as the commander of this group that the front line soldiers do not have the least in this cruel confrontation.

According to Webda, the Minister of Health added: “We went through very difficult days to transfer medicine and medical equipment, but we received a divine blessing and achieved good success with the sharp and honest leadership of the Supreme Leader.” In the previous meeting of the National Corona Headquarters, we talked about the differences between Iran and the United States. The President asked the Chief of Staff what differences have made Iran ahead of the United States in managing the disease. But I also added a point and raised the difference between the views of the two leaders that the American leader does not accept any protocol and has no restrictions on scientific and moral issues and acts in the opposite, but the Supreme Leader of the Revolution From day one, Islami has been the most protocol-oriented political, religious and ideological leader in the world.

Namaki pointed out: “Except for the issue of confronting Corona, after the era of holy defense, we did not have such an agreement and empathy around an axis in the country, and loved ones helped us.” We managed Corona in a Basij, revolutionary and jihadist way. Although the number of hospital beds and doctors and people’s access to services increased in Rouhani’s government, the bed-to-population ratio in the country is still 1.6 per thousand population, compared to 7.7 in France, the most backward country. European, 4 to 5 times more than Iran.

He said: “What happened that the disease did not wander behind the door of any hospital, but the prosperous world, which not only did not have sanctions but also had a fuller treasury and the number of nurses per bed and bed to their population was many times more than Iran, their patients behind hospital doors and on the grass Displaced? After God’s grace, harmony and empathy was the use of the method of holy defense, that is, our savings from the holy defense were used to manage such a heavy attack of the virus.

The Minister of Health stated: In the first phase, we attacked the invisible enemy with the help of all devices, especially the Basij organization, in the first phase of the confrontation with Corona, and in the second phase. We have had valuable experience of cooperating with the Basij for three decades now. Last year, with the help of the mobilization, we monitored 30 million and 700 thousand people from the population of 40 to 70 years old in the country.

Referring to the Basij’s cooperation with the Ministry of Health in the early months of this year to combat Corona, Namaki said: “Although the death of even one person in the country is tragic for us, but with the help of various agencies, especially the Basij, the daily mortality is about We reached 30 people, which was a great achievement. In the new phase, when we started working together with the Basij to fight the Corona, many people were skeptical because the death toll in the world was estimated, and for our country in these days, the daily death rate is predicted to be one thousand to one thousand and 200 people. Had done.

He continued: “What was predicted by international organizations about patient mortality in the United States and Europe not only came true, but also a little more than predicted, and Americans experienced more than 3,000 deaths.” کردن. I have said many times that we are not happy about the death of any citizen anywhere in the world, even those whose governments impose the most oppressive methods on the Iranian people.

The Minister of Health reminded: In Germany, where there is intensive special care, they experienced the death of one thousand patients a day, but in Iran, thanks to God, the great efforts of the loved ones who stood together and the sympathy and help of the Basijis, the successes It turned out well. We had estimated that we would reduce daily patient mortality by 10 percent and hospitalization by 30 percent, and when we set this goal, some of my colleagues looked at it with skepticism, but I firmly said that more than This, we will reduce.

Namaki emphasized: The reduction of daily mortality of patients and also the reduction of hospitalization of patients had two main reasons; One was that we believed that God would bless these pure movements and steps, and the second was that we believed that this empathy and harmony was so precious that the world could be conquered. In this plan, forces are working that do not seek the name, position, future and position, but only came to this field because of obeying the divine command and helping the people.

He stated: “Many doctors, nurses, health workers, health defenders, Basijis, laboratory scientists and other groups are participating in the project of Shahid Soleimani, whose names are nowhere to be found.” Iranian medical generals may have gathered in Tehran, but we have anonymous soldiers at border points in Kermanshah, Ilam, and Sistan and Baluchestan. A doctor runs a hospital 24 hours a day, and his name is nowhere to be found.

The Minister of Health said: “Anonymous people come to the scene because of God’s pleasure and service to the people, and God will bless them with every step, and we are happy that today, instead of 10%, we are witnessing a 60% reduction in daily mortality of patients and Instead of 30%, we are witnessing a 70% decrease in hospitalizations of Covid 19 patients in the country. These are huge and expensive achievements.

According to the announcement of the public relations of the Ministry of Health, Namaki stated: “The joint cooperation of the agencies, especially the Basij, is very necessary for the continuation of the national mobilization and the plan of Martyr Soleimani, so that with God’s help we can move towards single-digit deaths per day and towards zero.” ; Of course, this virus has new chamomiles in the world and instead of silencing, it goes towards chamois and rebellion; So we have to prepare ourselves better and prepare for the hard days, but I have no doubt that with the new arrangement and arrangement of forces to attack the virus, we will spend the harder days in preparation.

He reminded: Corona and many diseases come and go, but the harmony and empathy that was created during this period is a huge and lasting asset for the Islamic Republic of Iran to deal with all possible future plagues.